Nose Bleeds

Nose bleeds may seem serious and scary. However, almost all of them can be treated at home. Why is the nose prone to bleeding ? The nose contains several blood vessels, which aid in warming the air we breathe. These fragile blood vessels lie close to the surface, they can be injured easily and this can result in bleeding.

What causes Nose Bleeds:

  • Dry air: Dry indoor air can dry out the nasal membranes and form crusts. This can increase the chances of nose bleeding
  • Picking the nose: Nose picking can injure the blood vessels and result in bleeding. Dry, crusty nose makes people to pick the nose ai??i?? thus dry air and nose picking can increase the risk of nose bleeds
  • Colds: Blowing the nose repeatedly can injure the blood vessels and result in bleeding
  • Allergies: Allergies can result in nasal congestion, runny nose which can in turn cause bleeding
  • Minor injuries: Minor injuries to the nose can result in bleeding

How to Treat Nose Bleeds?
Here are steps to treat nose bleeds:

  • Sit down and tilt your head slightly forward. This will make the blood drip out of the nostril. Avoid leaning back. Leaning back can make the blood drain at the back of the throat and you are more likely to swallow the blood. This can lead to nausea, irritation
  • Using your thumb and index finger, squeeze the soft portion of your nose ai??i?? the portion at the end of the bridge of your nose
  • Squeeze your nose for 10 minutes and breathe with your mouth during this time. If the bleeding does not stop in 10 minutes, continue squeezing the nose for another 10 minutes. Most nose bleeds will stop in 10 to 15 minutes
  • You can also apply an ice pack to your nose during this time

If the nose bleeding does not stop, do consult your doctor. Your doctor may pack the nose with a special gauze to prevent the nose bleed. Even if you suffer from frequent nose bleeds, consult your doctor. Your doctor may cauterize the blood vessel which is prone to bleeding. Cauterization is a process where the blood vessel is burnt using an electrical or heating device.

Preventing Nose Bleeds:

Dry air can result in nose bleeds. Hence, you can use a humidifier to keep your room to increase humidity
In the winter months, apply some petroleum jelly on the inside of your nostrils to prevent the dryness
Avoid picking the nose

Nose bleeds may look serious, however, simple steps can prevent it. In rare cases, nose bleeds may require medical intervention and do consult your doctor if you experience frequent bleeding.

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