Complementary Therapy and its Need in Recent Times

ai???Complementary therapy is an interesting but often understudied area of research for potential diabetes treatments. Although there is still a long way to go before we could say for certain that any of these plants can help to control Type 2 diabetes, it is important to continue investigating the possibilities.ai???

-Ai??Dr Iain Frame, Director of Research at Diabetes UK, at the Annual Professional Conference, Glasgow, March 2009.

This above statement was made by Dr.Frame in the context of complementary therapy and diabetes. But the statement is equally applicable in the case of other ailments too. The West is technologically advanced in the field of health. The East has vast reserves of knowledge on complementary therapy.

People from the west place their faith on the outcomes of scientific research and technological advancement. The Easterners are convinced and proud of the age old wisdom and experience earned by them from their ancestors. This leads to lack of appreciation for each otherai??i??s approaches to diseases and cures traditionally.

But the phenomenon of globalization has turned the planet into a global village. Access to remote corners of the world and resources are a click of a mouse away. It is leading to awareness of new possibilities. Discovering the benefits through experimentation follows next. This leads to acknowledgment and appreciation of novel medicinal practices, prevalent in only the remote corners of the world.

A union of the technical know-how of the west with the traditional practices of the east will be beneficial toAi?? mankind in general. Both the approaches can complement each other. The west can introduce modernization of medicine in the east. And the east can provide their knowledge of complementary therapy as unexplored avenues of research to the west.

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