Food Meetings can Increase Awareness about the Obesity Epidemic

The latest report on obesity is very alarming. Preventive steps are available to tackle obesity at domestic level. But experts are of the opinion that the efforts are now required to be elevated at community levels too. Organizing food meetings as part of social meetings and gatherings is to be emphasized.

Need for Food Meetings in Social Gatherings:

  • Social Gatherings primarily provide an opportunity to spread awareness among people about obesity.
  • The opportunity to interact with people from different walks of life is huge.
  • The impact can be wide spread covering domestic and communal levels.

Aspects to be stressed in Food Meetings:Ai??The audience learns about healthy food choices and habits to follow in the food meetings. They learn about the benefits of healthy eating and can sample new dishes. Replacement of fried and fatty food items with fresh fruits and vegetables is focused. People are encouraged to consume more water and juices in the place of alcohol or soft drinks in food meetings.

Importance of Physical activities during Meetings and Gatherings:

  • Organizers of meetings should take the initiative of choosing a venue with discretion.
  • The dress code of the meeting can be kept casual.
  • The meetings should be scheduled with regular breaks where the participants can take short walks in the premises of the venue.
  • The participants of the meetings can be encouraged to take the stairs.

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