Clogged Ear Solutions

Top Five Solutions for Clogged Ear
Here are five ways to unclog the ear.

  • Applying earwax softener
  • Using hydrogen peroxide mixture for after consulting the doctor
  • Cleaning the wax just after taking a bath. This might help to take out a fair amount of wax out of the ear.Try to yawn or swallow frequently to reduce the pressure and pain
  • Applying three drops of lukewarm olive oil into the ear to thin the hard deposit. Clean the ear with cotton swabs. This might unclog the ear. Try to keep the mouth open while cleaning the clogged ear. This might reduce the pressure of eustachian tube
  • Using moistened heat pack on the outer ear. This might remove the ear block. Consult an ENT specialist to get personalized drugs and care

How to clean Clogged ears?

The ears need care. They might be cleaned daily to avoid infections and accumulation of earwax.
Before cleaning the ear one might be sure about the real cause of ear clog.

Causes of Clogged Ear:

Finding out the right cause of clogged ear is important.The ear gets clogged up when there is a sticky matter in the ear. The earwax is the most common reason for clogged ear.

There might be other reasons for clogged ear like allergies and sinusitis. This might cause expansion of eustachian tube. The tube gets filled and closed after that causing great pain. The person who suffer from this problem might feel like it is wax collection and might try some clogged ear solutions. This will lead to several complications. It is desirable to consult a doctor to get immediate medical attention.

Types of ear infections
The two types of ear infections are:

Viral ear infections: The most common types of viral ear infections are respiratory syncytial virus infection and flu.

Bacterial ear infections: The most common types of bacterial ear infections are streptococcus pneumoniae, haemophilus influenzae and Moraxella catarrhalis.

The primary causes of ear clog are:

  • Usual earwax
  • Some problems in the eardrum
  • Irregularities in the inner ear
  • Problems related to the eustachian tube

How to unclog the ear?
The ear clog might be removed by doing the following:

Take some warm water in a bowl and add some hydrogen peroxide. The solution might be applied with a syringe to the ear after lying on a flat surface. Lay there for five to fifteen minutes and drain the ear into a small bowl after changing the posture to the bowl. This might not be done if the person has some other ear problem.

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