How Does The Ear Work?

The ear is an astounding organ in the human body which makes the communication easy by passing the sound in fraction of a second. It translates all the sound particles which is captured from the surroundings into a language which is understandable by the brain.

The pinna in the external ear receives the sound. The eardrum vibrates at this time and makes sound waves. These sound waves pass through the ossicles which contain the three tiny bones.

The sound amplifies here to make it easy for speech. The nerve in the ear passes signals and the stapes vibrates at this time.

The cochlea in the inner nerve makes the nerve fibers to move and around 20,000 sound cells are produced.

At this time, the acoustic nerve receives the cells and carries it to brain. Signals from both ears are processed here within no time.

The Ear Framework

The ear has seven important parts. They are:

Ear canal: The ear canal is a tube situated in the ear. It connects the middle ear to the outer ear.
Eardrum: A thin membrane at the end of the auditory canal is called eardrum.
Ossicles: The three bones present in the middle ear are known as ossicles. It is a part where the sound is passed directly to the oval window.

The three bones are:

  • Malleus: This is the first bone of the ossicles. It is also called hammer.
  • Incus: The second bone in the ear is also called anvil.
  • Stapes: The third bone is also called stirrup. This is the smallest bone in the human body.

Oval window: Oval window allows the fluid movement in the cochlea which is a part of the inner ear.
Canal leading to the nose: The ear wax is produced in the ear canal and it protects the ear from dust and small insects. It makes the ear clean.
Cochlea: It is a portion of the inner ear
Auditory nerve: It is a collection of nerve fibers which carry sound particles cochlea and the brain.

Parts and Sections of the Ear

There are three sections of the ear. They are:
Outer ear
Middle ear
Inner ear

Outer Ear
The outer ear is made of the pinna and ear canal. It is that part of the ear which a person can see outside. It attracts the various sounds from outside. The ear canal helps to increase the volume and makes it easy for the person to understand the words and sounds in the speech. The ear canal and eardrum are situated in the outer ear.

Middle Ear
The middle ear is the second section of the year. It consists of three tiny bones. The three small bones in the middle ear are:

Inner Ear
Inner ear might look like the circular shell of a snail. It contains a group of small tubes filled with water like fluid. This fluid moves from the position to make the sound travel in the form of waves. It includes cochlea, vestibule and semi circular canals.

The Human Ear
The ear is one of the most important sensory organs. It identifies sound. It helps in basic communication. So the ear is sound sensing organ in the human body.

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