The Nexus between Obesity and Breast Cancer is Busted

High insulin levels and breast cancer are now known to be related. Breast cancer ranks second (after lung cancer) as the biggest killers of women in the United States..Though the cause of this dreadful disease is not known yet, the associated symptoms and risks are well-known and studied. This article tries to gain further insight.

A Study was conducted by Dr.Marc Gunter, Dr.Howard Strickler and their colleagues of the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York in December 2008.The team knew that one of the primary reasons for breast cancer is obesity. Obesity is usually associated with high insulin levels in the body. This led the team to explore the possibility of any relationship between high insulin levels and breast cancer. Their findings were published in the December 31st 2008 issue of the Journal of the National Cancer Institute.

The Findings of that study were:

  • Women with high insulin levels are atAi??1.5 times higherAi??risk of developing breast cancer.
  • If such women do not have hormone therapy, then the risk becomes 2.4 times higher.
  • High insulin levels have an important role in the relationship between obesity and breast cancer.

Significance of this Report: According to obesity statistics, two thirds of American adults are obese – 49 states in America have an adult obesity rate at 20% and above. In the light of the recent revelations made by these statistics, the possible nexus between obesity and breast cancerAi??is to be taken quite seriously.

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  1. Obesity is really a bad condition to be with. it is the cause of cardiovascular disease and diabetes. i always see to it that i have a healthy diet and a good exercise to avoid being overweight.

  2. it is horrible that obesity can procede to cancer.

  3. The only way you can manage obesity is throught Proper Diet and lots of exercise. The human body is designed for work so we should always get some form of physical exercise to stay fit.

  4. Obesity and diabetes is a growing problems nowadays. It is caused by todays lifestyle which does not involve lots amount of exercise. Most people are just happy sitting in their office chair and they do not even want to sweat.

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