Are Short Height and Shallow Anterior Chamber of the Eye Related?

The shallow anterior chamber of the eye causes less access to the interiors of the eye during surgery. The surgery in such cases is to be done extremely carefully to avoid inter-related complications. Apart from this, people with shallow anterior chamber of the eye have high risks of hypotomy, glaucoma and cataract. Research conducted in September 2008 in the UK and Singapore found that short people have shallow anterior chamber of the eye. Such people are thus prone to the above mentioned complications and threats to the eye.

The Research was conducted on 996 Chinese adults from the district of Tanjong Pagar in Singapore. Their height and anterior chamber depth were among the other parameters measured. The results are tabulated:

S.No. Height Anterior Chamber Depth
1. 144cms and Below 2.35mm
2. 170cms and Below 2.72mm
3. 160.0cms – 170.6 cms ( Average Singapore Height) 2.62mm – 3.36mm ( Normal ACD )

eye It was clear from the study that short people have significantly shallow anterior chamber depth. The anterior chamber is the region between the iris and the cornea. It is moist and filled with water. The Black center of the eye is called the pupil. It is surrounded by the blue region called the iris.

The iris determines our eye color. It controls the size of the pupil. Expansion and contraction of the pupil is responsible for the amount of light to enter our eye. More light enters when the pupil expands and the light fades as it contracts. The pupil, iris and anterior chamber form the transparent front section of the eye called the cornea. Two-third of the eyeai??i??s optical power is attributed to the cornea.

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