Nose Cancer Symptoms

The nose
The nose is an integral part of the human face. The nose of a male is larger than that of a female. Nose has two nostrils which are separated and has a special part which helps one to smell. The nose purifies, humidifies and conditions the inhaled air.

What is nose cancer?
Nose cancer is also called nasal cancer or cancer of the nasal cavity or cancer of the Para nasal sinus. A majority of the nose cancers originates from the tissues like sinuses or nasopharynx. The nose cancer forms from the flat and thin cells in the epidermis lining the nasal cavity.

Nose Cancer Symptoms
Men are more likely to get nose cancer when compared to women. Men who are above the age of 45 are at a higher risk to get nose cancer.

Nose cancer symptoms are similar to skin cancer symptoms. The symptoms are very hard to detect in its early stages. It might proliferate to other parts of the face in the chronic stages.

It is advisable for anyone to go to an ENT specialist to determine the exact reason for the symptoms.

The primary nose cancer symptoms are:

  • Stumbling block in the nasopharynx which links the nose with the throat
  • Bleeding from the nose
  • Lump in the neck
  • Neck pain due to the lump
  • Visible swelling on the neck
  • Throat swelling
  • Building block in the nasal ways
  • Production of pus from only one side of the nose
  • Headache
  • Unclear vision
  • Hearing problems
  • Muscle pain and weakness of muscles
  • Swelling and weakness of the tongue
  • Severe breathing problems
  • Difficulty to speak properly
  • Falling eye sight
  • Weakness of the face muscles
  • Unhealed lumps in the neck
  • Difficulty to move and raise the shoulders
  • Difficulty to tilt the neck
  • Anemia
  • Infection in the nose, throat, neck etc
  • Undernourishment
  • Dehydration

Factors which can cause the symptoms of Nose cancer are: According to the National Cancer Institute, the factors which can cause the nasal cancer are:

  • Particles inhaled in Metal-plating.
  • The Chamicals used in Shoemaking.
  • The dust in Furniture-making.
  • The dust in Sawmill work.
  • The dust in Woodworking (carpentry).
  • The dust in Flour mill or bakery work.
  • Being male and with age above 40 years.
  • Smoking.

Types of Malignant Nose Cancer Cells and the areas where they cause the symptoms:

S.No. Cancer Cell Area of Effect
1. Squamous cell Carcinoma Lining inside the sinuses and the nasal cavity
2. Melanoma Skin’s Natural Color
3. Sarcoma Muscles and connective tissues
4. Inverting Papilloma Inside the nose
5. Midline Granulomas Tissues in the middle part of the face

47 responses to Nose Cancer Symptoms

  1. I can breathe one side of a nose .two holes in a nose but air is released by one hole and the another hole is blocked.

  2. can a pimple inside a nose become a nasal cancer??

  3. lee said on June 5, 2010

    Recently, I have nose bleed, a bit only, once every few days. what could be the cause? could it be nosal cancer?

  4. Everytime i wake up i feel sneeze from this week.sometime one of my hole in nose can breath , other side could not breath. everytime i will feel dizzy tired headache. email me Thx

  5. Hi I had 2 sudden nosebled for the past 3 months. My nose didn’t bled a lot and it stop after a while. So far i didn’t detect any lumps on my neck..do i need to see a specialist? Pls email me. Thanks alot.

  6. I have a lump on the roof of my left nostril that’s been there for at least two months and I’m beginning to be concerned that this could be cancer. I haven’t had any nosebleeds or any of the other symptoms listed but I have been fighting a chest infection for some time now so I wonder if they are related. I’m an expat living in China now, so I really hope this is nothing to be concerned about as I don’t entirely trust the health care system here…

    • It’s not true the health care system there is entirely not trustworthy. Please google http://www.fudacancerhospital.com. I am an ex patient of this hospital. Like many other nationalities, I had my tumours removed and cancer treated there. No blood, no pain and very “western”.
      100% very professional.

  7. i have had sores in my left nostral for approx a year 3 different antibiotics nasel cream steriod spray stiill not cleared it my nose bleeds and is sore a and dry some times could this be a sign of cancer

  8. Jen said on June 13, 2011

    I have gone through the list of symptoms and i do hav a couple of them actually which concern me .. but what i wanted to ask is lately everytime i go to blow my nose, blood comes out and the more i blow my nose the more that comes out , i then tend to later on get a headache and pain in the eye but only on the right hand side of my head and eye.. plz email bk

  9. Hi. Recently, I have nose bleed, a bit only, once every few days. what could be the cause? could it be nosal cancer? I am bleading only from the left nose for just few seconds every 10 to 15 days, especially just when I go to sleep.

  10. Hi. This morning i woke up with my pillow and clothes full of blood, only to realize the blood was coming from my nose. It stopped but some time in the afternoon my nose began to bleed again. What could this be?

  11. i have a red lump in back of my left nostril i have no nose bleeds

  12. I recently smell some funny smell for the last two weeks, it comes and stops then comes again. Sometimes the smell is strong , sometimes it is gentle. May i know what is it?

  13. Hai, my nose also had funny smell for about a year. Hopefully you can give me some advice by email. Appreciate it much.

  14. does below 45 yr old men can get nose cancer?

  15. I have blood in my spit on and off.I have made appointment for CT scan soon. That maybe due to a growth in the nasal cavity. The small amount of blood drops will disappear later in the morning. These maybe the signs.Try taking Sabah snake grass and other herbs. Who knows it may help.

  16. I have a peculiar smell that follows me everywhere I go. It is not offensive. I thought it is the night cream, so I didnt use it for one night, but the smell is still around. The smell is particularly strong in the middle of the night. Please advise.

  17. i have symptoms too.. the rightside of my nose has been having problem in breathing..low intake of air… and i experienced loss of smell… pls email me.. thanks

  18. i have an allergy… it keeps ms sneezing, and its painful inside my nose… it is happen when i smell dust, smoke, and when its cold… pls email me tnx…

  19. I have nose bleed only on my right nostril every few days. It started a few months back. Am I having basal cancer cos i do experience dome if the symptoms mentioned above. What could be the cause? Pls email me as I’m very worried.

  20. I have chronic sinus and allergy problems. For the past few months I have had a non stop headache along with face pain, post nasal drainage and when I blow my nose the color varies from bloody to orange, white, clear, yellow. I went on 3 rounds of antibiotics. I’ve had a foul odor and taste that I cant get rid of and the post nasal drainage is gritty at times. I’m very worried. Please e-mail.

  21. my nose bleeds every time whenever it is irritated . i think there is a vein inside the nose that is wounded or something like that. and it bleeds very hard. is it the sign of nose cancer?? email me pls.

  22. having white head inside my a nose…. can it become a nasal cancering

  23. I clean houses for a living and live in a wet damp area on the Queen Charlotte Islands. I have at times come across black mold in the house despite the dehumidifier. I never have been allergic to anything but since being over here and cleaning it seems that cat dander and the tiniest dust particle irritate me to no avail. I wake up with a stuffy nose, my palate and eyes are itchy, headaches spotted bloodlets on tissue after blowing lightly or vigorously. Could these circumstances be the cause of my ailments that all above have discussed? Or is there more to what I have explained.

    Please Advise.

  24. i suffered from sinus for almost 5 yrs and 2yrs ago i loss my sense of smell, pls help , just email me pls

  25. i got a nasel truble, im getting bad eyes and always having a bad Headaches; i got a lumps inside my nose, but i through it was a skin tab, But after reading this i thinks i got nasel cancer. and i only 17 but i had nasel problem since like 3 years ..


  27. I have a small ‘pimple’ on the inside of my left nostril (medially) it is white, dry and hurts. It’s been there for over a year and every few days I need to trim it down. It just regrows. Sometimes, when I do cut it, it bleeds from the area. I was given maxitrol, which has a steriod, but it never helped. Now I put bacitracin on it to help with the dryness and irritation. I’m scared this is developing into something. Should I go get a biopsy? Pls e~mail me back, thank you.

  28. I have a lump on the inside of my right nostril and it’s been there for a few weeks now. I also have swelling in my neck and Ive had a nosebleed in the past couple of days. I’m not a smoker but both of my parents smoke so Im wondering if I have nasal cancer and if that is the cause of it. My nostril on the right side is obstructed, Ive been having headaches, but I dont know if this is related at all.

  29. Dear,

    In initial stage my suggestion that regularly massage your body with pure herbal massage oil and slightly take smell with “Sulfur” (It is called in Malayalam “Gandhakam”). ONE OF THE GOOD MEDICINE PROTECT FROM ALL KINDS OF “VIRUS & GEMS”

    Jesus Bless Us
    John Mathew

  30. For the last week I’ve had drainage that is staying in my nasopharynx, I basically have to snort it to get rid of it. No sinus pressure, but the side that seems to be draining (rt) is opposite the side of my neck that is slightly firm. No fever, no sinus pressure. Just drainage that is getting stuck in the nasopharynx. When it comes out it’s yellow/green and sometimes has blood in it. Looking for answers. Nasal cancer or strange sinus infection???

  31. Hi. Recently, I have nose bleed, a bit only, once last few days. what could be the cause? could it be nasal cancer? I am bleading only from the right nose for just a few seconds every 10 to 15 days, especially just when I wake up.

  32. I can breathe one side of a nose .two holes in a nose but air is released by one hole and the another hole is blocked. and sometimes the left holes of my nose is bleed, but not anytime nose bleeds is it dry. e-mail me pls..

  33. ruby said on May 18, 2012

    i have this momently bleeding of my nose.. and its always the left side.. lot of times im lack of air there and catch colds but only on the left side.. plus my headaches and i have a vision problem too.. is there a posibility that i have nasal cancer? pls email me.. tnx..

  34. Hi everyone, I would like to share and I hope it will give you some info. I went to the ENT and have my nose check since the left side was blocked, left ear was blocked and hearing problem, blood with my saliva. With 30 yrs experience, the Dr was very sure it is a NPC/nose cancer after the checks.
    He took some sample for Biopsy but result was negative. Relief. But Dr was sure it is NPC and sent me for scanning and x-ray.
    There was a small growth 2mm on the left side of my nose. Some of the symptoms are there.
    So far, I skipped further test and decided to take ‘Sabah Snake Grass’ everyday, without fail. The results has been good. My nose is not blocked anymore and still on the road to recovery.
    Also, no sugar drinks, no meat, boiled veges./no flavouring and most of the time steamed fish.
    If you need more info. on Sabah Snake Grass, just goggle it, info. on Facebook, video on youtube.
    The main thing, be positive and face the problem. Tell yourself everyday is a beautiful day. Be strong.

  35. hi my nose keeps going red and have small red spots on it i look like rudolph its not sore but looks horrible also get white heads but is always red tried scrubbing it every day still no joy any suggestions thanks

  36. mai said on June 6, 2012

    hi, i had a pimple inside my nose before and teh dr. said it was no ordinary pimple i forgot his term but he gave me antibiotic for it. and now it is happening again and for both nose opening now. is this a sign of nose cancer?

  37. Hi, please help me. Recently, I have had 3 or 4 nosebleeda. what could be the cause? could it be nasal cancer? I am bleading only from the right nostrill for just about a minute every 6 to 7 days, especially before I go fall asleep. Can someone please please reply back? It would mean so much to me.

  38. I have several of these symptoms. My nose is crusted inside every morning and hurts to touch. I have to put vasoline in it every day. I also have burning mouth syndrome and a lump in my throat. My vision has gone down hill very fast for reading. My throat hurts, the only thing I don’t have is weight loss.

  39. hey,,im having these symptoms from last 2 years,,my nose stays alwaz full of mocus,,in yhe month of april to june i had to face bloodclots from my nose every morning,,i had to spit my cough which comes from thr nose to mouth alwaz.sometimes i cant sleep bcoz of blocke nose,.pease suggest me something,,

  40. Hi, I have nose bleed, a bit only at the right side last month. Recently I go to blow my nose blood comes out, a bit only, second time I blow my nose, there is no blood. Sometime the mocus full of blood. What could this be?

  41. hi good morning,for the past few days I had suffer running nose and cough.But now when i inhale i smell bad that is in the right hole of my nose?

  42. Why ask a question on here if no one is going to answer them!!

  43. Hi ter I have been strggling with nose bleeding frm last year sinus problems I had infection in my throat ten my doctor told me I’m allrgic to dust, lately my doc told me I hav aczema, I went to see my doc in july coz I had a lump on my neck with gave me a very bad headache nd neck pains doc said I had hay fever nd infection gav me antib. The lump is back have it more ten 4 weeks now plz email me if I need 2 be worried

  44. i have bleeding when i squeezed my nose i have cinus problem

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