Mouth Cancer Causes

Mouth cancer is the cancer which is spread in head and neck. This type cancer can be in any part of the mouth including lips, tongue, moth floor, inside of the cheeks, palate of the mouth. The most common part which is affected is the floor of the mouth.

The main causes of this cancer are considered to be chewing tobacco or smoking tobacco. Drinking lot of alcohol, exposure to sunlight and uv rays can also result in mouth cancer.

Causes Of Mouth Cancer:
Some of the common causes of mouth cancer are:

  • Tobacco: Consumption of tobacco in any form either you smoke or you chew it in beetle, quid, pan or gutka. Every form of it injurious. Any form of smoking including cigarettes, cigars, pipes, bidis, and hands rolled cigarettes having cannabis all are harmful and have a risk of causing cancer to your mouth. Similarly tobaccos chewed in any form including raw tobacco, or along with pan, beetle quid, masala etc. each one carries the same risk.
  • Excessive Intake Of Alcohol: Intake of excessive of alcohol can also run a risk of causing cancer. Especially when smoking and chewing of tobacco is done at the same time then the danger increases more.
  • Previous Cancer Formation: If a person has symptoms of cancer earlier then also there are more chances of getting it again. It is because the cells of cancer never die totally and if even a single remained it is capable enough of generating the new ones. So, previous cancer formation can be a major source of fresh cancer generation.
  • Exposure To UV Rays: If any person is exposed to harmful rays of UV for a long time then he might run a risk of developing cancer. People working in mines or in chemical laboratories face the similar risks.

What Causes Mouth Cancer:

Apart from the above mentioned causes deficiency of vitamins like vitamin C, A, E and supplements like iron, selenium, zinc could also be responsible for developing cancer.

Then, poor diet or infection with human papillomas virus(HPV) are also considered as the causes for cancer formation.

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  1. I’m sorry, but where is the source of cannabis being a source of mouth-cancer, or cancer at all?

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