Kidney Stone Causes

Kidneys are bean shaped structures which are responsible for removing excess of fluids, electrolytes, and other wastes from the body in the form of urine. Stones in kidneys are formed when the amount waste products increase in the kidneys and there is an imbalance of the same.

The kidney stones are form when the urine is either more acidic or more alkalic. Urinary track infection, kidney diseases and some metabolic disorders could result in the formation of the kidney stones.

Causes Of Kidney Stones:
There is no single known cause for the formation of the stones. Some of the causes that result in the formation of the kidney stones are:

  • Geographical Region: Some of the belts are recognized as the stone generating belts. People residing in this belt are more prone of getting kidney stones. Poor intake of fluids and hot climate make the people dehydrated. As the result, the urine becomes concentrated and the gets closely intact generating the possibility of stone formation.
  • Diet: The people who include more of the calcium in their diet are more liable for stone formations. Some of the foods which must be avoided include spinach, peanuts, chocolates, and sweet potato.
  • Heredity: Formation of stones in kidneys is heredity. If your parents or grand parents had this problem in their lifetime then it could have been transmitted to you also through genes. It is more liable because majority of stones are made from calcium deposition which could be transmitted to the later generations. As the result the next generation is more prone of having stones.
  • Medications: Some medicines which have calcium in them in large quantity can also provoke stone formation as their side effect.

What Causes Kidney Stones:

There is no reason for the formation of stones. Multiple reasons combines together to form stones. The basic reason for the formation of the stone is the accumulation of calcium and certain other kinds of salts in the kidney.

Heredity, urinary tract infections, diseases of the kidney, some metabolic disorders like hyperparathyroidism is some other known causes which could increase the possibility of the stone formation.

Some of the highly oxalate food items which could provoke stone formation includes spinach, peanuts, sweet potatoes and chocolates.

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