Kidney Cancer Causes

Kidneys are an important part of the urinary system. They are used for removing the waste, along with the fluids and electrolyte which are in excess out of the body. They also control the production of RBCs, and also regulate the blood pressure of the body.

The main cause which could result in kidney cancer is not yet known but some external factors which could result in kidney cancer are smoking, obesity, aging, changing environmental conditions etc.

Causes Of Kidney Cancer:
Some of the causes of kidney cancer are:

  • Smoking: It considered as one of the common cause for kidney cancer. It has been seen that if person smokes for a longer timer and takes a lot of cigarettes in a day then they are at a greater risk of developing kidney cancer.
  • Obesity: the people who are 25% more obsess than their required height they are at a greater risk of getting the disease. It is because excess weight changes the hormonal concentration especially in females. This change in concentration could affect kidneys and cancer can be triggered.
  • Kidney Disease: The people who are having disease related to kidney or whose kidneys are already failed and on dialysis. All such patients having a greater risk of developing cancer.
  • High Blood Pressure: High blood pressure is directly related to kidney disease; therefore all those with high blood pressure are at a higher risk of developing cancer of the kidney.
  • Mild Pain Killers: Painkillers are very harmful. They are considered to be injurious for kidney. Their constituents could trigger cancer formations.
  • Improper Diet: If the diet taken contains fat and oily factors in large quantity then also it is injurious not only for the heart but also for the kidneys. Such rich diets could lead to even cancer of the kidney.

What Causes Kidney Cancer:
Apart from the above mentioned causes there are some genetic causes which are considered to cause kidney cancers. They are:

  • Mutations In the Genes: DNA is the chemical material which is responsible for heredity. It has genes which are responsible for each and every activity. It is believed that any change in the oncogenes (gene responsible for division and growth) of DNA could result in cancer.
  • Inherited Gene Mutation: If any change in genes is made in any generation the family and it is inherited by the next generation then it could be possibility that it could result as the disease in this generation also. This is inherited gene mutation.

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  1. There is no exact evidence about why people has kidney cancer, we know that people who is over 50, being a male, being a smoker, overweight or taking certain painkiller for long-term is easier to get kidney cancer, but most people who have these risk factors do not get kidney cancer. On the other hand, most people who do get the disease have no known risk factors. so that’s not that easy to say these factors CAUSE kidney cancer. what do you think?

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