Eye Cancer Causes

Eye cancers are generally formed due to the abnormal growth the cells. The abnormal growth of cells can in and around the eyes. Depending on the location the cancers are classified as intraocular cancer (in which growth of cells is inside the eye) and extra ocular cancer (in which growth of cells takes place outside the eyes).

Although the main cause of eye cancer is not yet known but exposure to ultraviolet rays, weak immune system, and retinoblastoma are some of the reasons which could result in eye cancers.

Causes Of Eye Cancer:
Some of the causes of eye cancer are:

  • Color Of Eyes: People having the eye colors of blue, grey, or green are prone of having melanoma. Melanoma is considered to be the main cause of eye cancer. Melanoma is common in those who have abnormal brown spots on their uvea.
  • Large Number Of Moles: In some families there is a trend of having moles in large numbers on their body. This is very dangerous as having large number moles could lead either to skin cancer or to eye cancer.
  • Exposure To Excessive Sunlight: It has been found that people who are exposed to sun for long hours are prone to eye cancers.
  • Exposure To Ultra Violet Radiations: The People who are working as welders are more of getting eye cancers as they are exposed to UV radiations for the maximum time.
  • Genetics: It has been found the cancer is an hereditary disease. If the family has the history of cancer earlier in the family then there are chances for its being transcending down in the family and becoming active in the later stages.

What Causes Eye Cancer:

The exact cause of eye cancer is not clearly known. But it has been found that DNA of the person could be responsible for the outburst of cancer. DNA is a chemical material made up of genes. These genes are only responsible for all types of changes in our body.

The genes which are responsible for the containing the instructions of cell division i.e. control the growth and division of cells are oncogenes. Oncogenes are responsible for promoting cell growth. Another type of cells called tumor suppressor genes are responsible for cells to die and they also manage cell growth.

So, when ever an change is made in either oncogenes or tumor suppressor genes then only the formation of cancer takes place.

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