Celiac Disease Causes

Celiac disease or celiac spruce or gluten ai??i?? sensitive enteropathy is an autoimmune and digestive disorder which damages the lining of the small intestine when the foods with gluten in them are taken in for digestion purposes. If the lining of the intestine is damaged it makes the absorption of the nutrients especially that of the fat, iron, calcium and folate difficult.

There are various reasons for this disease. Heredity, any kind of previous surgery, viral infections etc. can be few causes of the celiac disease.

Causes Of Celiac Disease:
Although the exact cause for the disease is still not known but some of the common causes of celiac disease are:

  • Inheriting or developing some abnormal genes which can provoke the susceptibility for the disease to occur.
  • Some environmental factors such as bacteria, viruses, or surgeries can bring about a change in the small intestine which could lead to this disease.
  • Sometimes eating gluten can bring about changes in the immune system which could result in celiac disease.
  • As celiac disease is an autoimmune disease so autoimmunity can be one one of the cause for this disease.

What Causes Celiac Disease:
The cause of celiac disease is not yet clearly known. The causes which are generally prevalent are:

  • Celiac Disease Is A Hereditary Disease: This considered to be the most cause. As the disease is caused due some change in the genes or due to the formation of some abnormal genes. It is considered to be a hereditary. It also means that if similar change is made in the earlier generation then it will be automatically transferred to the successors.
  • Surgery, Pregnancy Or Child Birth: These are also considered as the common causes for this disease. Any kind of surgery, pregnancy of birth of child can bring about changes in the gene level or it can also affect the small intestine resulting in the disease formation.
  • Viral Infections: Viral as well bacterial infections can also be the cause for celiac disease. These infections affect the small intestine and bring about this disease.

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