Things You Must Know About Shadow Diseases

The human body is a complex system. It has organs inter-related to each other. And since the organs are inter-related, itai??i??s not surprising that ailment in one organ often causes potential damage to other organs. The advancements in medical science make it possible for doctors to observe that a patient suffering a particular disease may also be suffering from a coupling disease.Ai?? A patient may complain of symptoms of a disease unrelated to the first. AlmostAi?? as if the two diseases exist in pairs. Ai??For example:

A) Migraine:
This is a severe kind of headache which can last for between four hours and 72 hours. Patients feel severe irritation to sound and light along with nausea. Migraine is more common in women than men.

The coupling disease to migraine can be a stroke or heart attack. It depends on the frequency with which a person gets migraines that can decide how prone they are to getting a stroke. According to research, for a migraine attack once every month, there is a 50% more chance of suffering a stroke when compared to a non-migraine patient.

Research is still underway as far as understanding migraines are concerned. So its inter-relationship with possible strokes is still under investigation.

B) Endometriosis:
This is an abnormality of the inner tissues of the uterus in women,Ai?? which occurs outside the uterine cavity, especially during the reproductive years. It is found in 5 ai??i?? 10 % of women, and is prevalent amongst women with infertility. A common complaint is pain in the pelvic region.

The coupling disease to endometrios is melanoma. Melanoma is a severe kind of skin cancer involving tumor growth in the skin, bowel and regions as sensitive as the eyes.Ai?? As a preventive measure if endometriosis is diagnosed, it is advisable to undergo tests for melanoma. When diagnosed early, melanoma is curable.

C) High blood pressure:
This is also known as hypertension. Interestingly, hypertension has no cause , but is an effect to several ailments in the body. The shadow disease of high blood pressure is diabetes. It is an abnormality of the pancreas. Preventive measures include checking for diabetes and making changes in lifestyle involving regular exercise, and eating less salt.

D) Psoriasis:
This is a disease affecting the skin and joints. It causes red patches in these regions.Ai?? It reappears from time to time with varying severity in the patient. The reasons for this disease are unknown. Strangely, such patients are prone to heart attacks. It is still a matter of research as to whether by controlling the skin disease we can minimize the chances of heart attack. There are vaccines available for psoriasis and keeping your heart healthy with exercise can reduce the risks of a heart attack.

E) Metabolic syndromes:
This is the name given to a cluster of abnormalities that increase the risk of heart attacks and diabetes.Ai?? Recent studies have coupled kidney stones with metabolic syndrome as its shadow disease. People with high obesity run the risk of getting such diseases as presence of excess protein and sodium in their body develop into the painful crystals or stones in the kidney. Regular exercise to keep the waistline trim can be a preventive measure.

F) Asthma:
This is the medical term for swelling of the lung tissues making them narrower and difficult for the person to breathe. Environment and genes play their role in getting asthma. The shadow disease with asthma patients is depression. The reason behind the connection of the two diseases has been debated by doctors for the past 20 years. Now that we are aware of the connection between the two, check-ups for the two diseases simultaneously are definitely recommended.


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  1. From what I can see here nothing has been posted. I know for a fact that I am not the only one suffering from this. Please post in and let me know how it is going for you. Like disappointment with the medical community, and lack of support from friends and family that just can’t understand, and your done trying to explain something, that they feel is just truely in your head.

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