Emergency Medical Services

Emergency medical services are something which a person need at the time of an injury, serious illness or at the time of pregnancy.

Importance of emergency medical services
The existence of emergency medical services is essential for a locality.

  • The services are provided by better trained people in emergency and in any kind of serious situations.
  • EMS is more than just an ambulance service
  • Emergency medical services are available in just a ring to 911
  • The right person is appointed to handle each case

Types of emergency medical services
Types of emergency medical services might be described as:

  • Just transporting the patient to a hospital
  • Assisting the patients to an alternative hospital or a caring centre
  • Providing first-aid on the way to hospital
  • Studying the medical history and communicating it with the doctor

When to call for emergency medical service?
You might call for emergency services in the following cases:

  • If a person is seriously injured
  • When a person get a sudden emotional shock followed by unconsciousness
  • In the case of any natural calamities
  • In the case of fire

Who is an emergency medical service technician?
There is someone called emergency medical service technician who provide quick service in the case of emergency. He or she is a certified person who will take care of the first aids. He or she might also take care of childbirth and review the injury and present condition of the patient.

He or she might be contacted in the case of any urgency. He or she might assist the affected person in commuting to the hospital and in providing the facilities at the hospital.

Who controls emergency medical services technician?
There are a lot of emergency medical services agencies operating. They look after the EMS activities in the particular area of operations.

The EMS technicians are directed by the corresponding EMS agency directors.

Advantages of emergency medical services
The primary advantages of emergency medical services are:

  • Treatment at the right time
  • Helps the patient to be in control
  • Takes care of the situation even when nobody is around

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