Why Should a Woman Marry?

Marriage is a sacred institution, often questioned and at times shunned, yet it still survives. It is considered to be a blissful union of two individuals. All over the world, men and women marry and make vows to each other. Women look to marriage for security, to bear children, and sometimes for social status and acceptance. Whatever the reason, marriage is a must for some women and a way to build a long standing relationship with a man, to live up to certain societal expectations, and ensure emotional and financial security.

Women marry despite knowing that there are chances that their marriage may not be a success.Ai??They may have affected by broken marriages in their past, but yet they accept marriage with open arms. Even for a working woman, the support extended to her by her husband helps her to complete her tasks and chores easily. Of course, much would depend upon the marriage being a success. A supportive husband can make things easy for her but not an uncooperative spouse. Despite the risk of an unhappy marriage, why does a woman marry? Why does she find matrimony more attractive than singlehood?

Why Be a Wife? ai??i??Reasons Galore

  • Women marry for financial security. They generally hope that their husbands will bring in substantial income to sustain them and their family. Many poor, single mothers face economic hardships and think of marriage as a way out. They feel that the added income of their spouse would enable them to take care of their families better.
  • Emotional security is another factor, which draws a woman into matrimony. The thought that she has somebody to share her feelings with brings a sense of comfort. An understanding husband can do wonders to her general disposition. It is nice to have someone with whom she can confide in, place her trust in, and have fun with.
  • Women often marry due to societal pressures. Marriage as an institution is held in high esteem in many societies, and although live-in arrangements are very common, people still marry as they feel they are answerable to their peer group and families. In many countries, particularly in the developing countries, couples are forced into matrimony as society shuns any form of intimacy before marriage or expects marriage to be the outcome of it. In a country like India, a girlai??i??s desire to marry is high as she feels she needs to conform to societyai??i??s laid out traditional rules that marriage is essential for a woman. Marriage is usually arranged and is agreed upon by the families of the partners.
  • Women who marry have a health advantageAi??if their marriage is a happy one compared to a single woman. These women experienced less stress and less cardio-vascular problems. They have the advantage of having someone extend a helping hand in their times of crisis and decisions can be made on the basis of mutual consent. Women in happy marriages live longer. They experience less depression, hostility, and anger.
  • Women want to have children and marriage is the best way. There are single mothers, but the majority marry. Marriage provides security for the child to grow up in a healthy and conducive atmosphere, provided both the partners understand each other well and live in harmony.
  • Marriage is the result of love. Many girls fall in love and then think of marriage and having children. The desire to strengthen the bond with the beloved is high when one is in love, and tying the knot proves their love for each other. Marriage unites two people, who pledge to remain together in a blissful relationship. Ideal, perhaps, but many married people strive towards it.

Women in general want to marry their beloved to prove their love for him. They feel they have reached a point where they have understood their partner well enough and could now think of settling down with him in a legal and socially sanctioned relationship.Ai??The world over, women marry despite the risk of divorce, as they feel the need for a longstanding relationship.


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