How to Tell Love From Infatuation?

Are you day – dreaming about someone? Do you feel lost or restless almost like a drug-addict without drugs, when the other person is not around? Are thinking about proposing your “love” to the other person? Wait! Think again. You might be just cultivating the feeling of infatuation and not love. Confused between love and infatuation? Do not worry, help is here!

While attraction towards the other person may be the trait of both the feelings, there exists a sharp distinction between the two.

What attracted you in the other person? Is it his “macho” personality or her “submissiveness”? Think along these lines and very soon you will realize that you are actually craving for what you want in real life. Mind you, it is not always a great figure that brings along love. The glamour will fade very soon and leave you desperate for love once again.

Love, on the other hand, need not necessarily stem from physical beauty. Though looks do matter, but in this case they are never the main criteria. The root of love is a feeling of trust and comfort which gives you happiness.

The simplest way to judge the difference is to judge your feelings. You need to revisit your experiences with this person, you think you love, and contemplate on it. Does the absence of the other person bring about any kind of restlessness or insecurity? If you are still suspicious about the commitment in the relationship, then you might have been just infatuated about the other person.

Love is a secure feeling, where your commitment is never an impediment. Commitment makes you feel secure. It makes you feel that there is someone who cares and loves you, no matter what you do.

Want to MARRY?
The other best way to judge the status of your relationship is to think in terms of marriage. Thinking about the long-run will clearly make you see the difference. Are you sure you want to marry the same person? Thinking about the REALITY will help you decide better. Your “love” may seem fascinating, but may not be so when it comes to reality. He/she may not simply be ready to get married or even start thinking in those terms.

In contrast, love boosts the desire to get married. Marriage seems to be the happiest outcome in life when the desire to face life together grows in you. This desire to stay together is the eagerness to carry out responsibilities and not run away from them.

Growing in a Relationship
While infatuation for a person limits your feeling to attraction, loves attains greater heights and brings about mutual benefits to both the partners. Thus, the ultimate way to critic your relationship is to think about the changes that have happened in your life since your relationship with the other person has begun. Love makes you grow in every way. Love makes you stronger and as it increases the confidence in yourself. It brings comfort when you think of the other person.

Think before you leap because it is the journey of life. Love sails you through it while infatuation drowns you.

3 responses to How to Tell Love From Infatuation?

  1. very nice article, i really like it

  2. I need help as I dont know what is wrong with me, Im deeply in love with someone who used to love me. I know he doesn’t feel the same way as I do but what do I do to do away with him. He hurts me at times but I forgive him as if it has never happened. He only cares but not in love with me.

  3. MOVE ONNNNN!!! theres an idea…you can’t keep waiting for someone to feel the same way when they don’t.. and if you really love him you’ll let him go and be happy with someone he is in love with. That shows that you really love him because you care about his happiness no just your own. yeah I know it sucks :(

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