Blood Cancer Symptoms

Blood cancer is a generalized term for malignancy which attacks the blood, bone marrow, or lymphatic system. There are three kinds of blood cancer: leukemia, lymphoma, and multiple myeloma. All of them can be treated through blood cancer treatments.

Leukemia is malignancy of cells in the blood. Lymphoma refers to malignant tumors of the lymph system. Myeloma is malignancy of plasma cells. Plasma cells are the cells in bone marrow that produce antibodies. Collectively they are called Hematological malignancies.

Some of the common blood cancer symptoms:

  • Weakness, Fatigue, Malaise and Breathlessness
  • Minimal body strain results inbone fractures
  • Excessive or easy bruising
  • Bleeding gums or frequent nose bleeds
  • Recurrent infections or fever
  • Excessive sweating of body during night
  • Weight loss
  • Frequent vomiting sensations
  • Anorexia
  • Lymph node (gland) enlargement
  • Lumps or abdominal distension due to enlarged abdominal organs
  • Abdominal pain, Bone pain and Back pain
  • Delirium and confusion
  • Abnormal bleeding in gums nose and cuts, which will result in platelet redution
  • Headaches with occurrence of visual difficulties
  • Occurrence of fine rashes on dark spots
  • Decreased urination and difficulty whil urinating

Some of the specific leukemia blood cancer symptoms are anemia, recurrent infections, bone and joint pain, abdominal distress and difficult in breathing or dyspnea.

In case of lymphomas blood cancer the symptoms depend on location of cancer, where it has spread, and the size of the tumor. It begins with swelling in the neck, underarm, or groin.

The first sign of multiple myeloma is bone pain due to bony distruction by plasma cells. Some of the prominent symptoms include bleeding gums, nose bleeds and easy bruising. Unexplained bone fractures, kidney failure, persistent infections and weight loss are other signs of the disease.

Incidences of Blood Cancer Types Each Year:

S.No. Blood Cancer Type Percentage Per One Lack of Population
1. Leukemia 12.2
2. Myeloma 5.6
3. Lymphoma 2.8

Latest Statistical Facts about Blood Cancer in United States:

  • Symptoms of blood cancer are confirmed using the Dignostic test – Biopsy.
  • After every 4 minutes, an individual from America is diagnosed with blood cancer by such tests.
  • Every 10 minutes, this disease takes the life of an individual.
  • It means 146 people die every day because of this disease.
  • Approximately 1,39,860 people are going to be diagnosed with all the three types of blood cancer in the year 2009.
  • These people constitute 9.5% of the total number of new cancer cases ( 1,479, 350 ) diagnosed in the whole country.
  • 53,240 people out of the 1,39,860 diagnosed, are estimated to lose their lives this year owing to this dreadful disease.
  • The total cancer deaths estimated in the year 2009 are 5,62,340.
  • Blood cancer deaths will comprise 9.5% of these deaths.
  • Leukemia is the most common type of blood cancer in children affecting the age group of 0-19 years.
  • It comprises 31% of cancers affecting the children in United States.
  • 2,655 children within the mentioned age group, are estimated to be diagnosed with this disease in 2009.
  • The symptoms of blood cancer remain latent and dangerously make the disese apparent in its last stages.

Does Cancer cause Blood Clots ?
Research studies conducted at the University of Aquila, Italy suggest that children suffering from Leukemia are at high risks of facing Thrombosis while they are provided the cancer treatment. Thrombosis is the technical name given to clotting of blood in the deep veins of the body. In the research, 1,752 children suffering from this dreadful disease were considered. In 5.2% of these children, the study found the complication of blood clotting. The researchers however were successful in finding out the therapies and medical procedures for addressing the risk of blood clotting.

For Detailed Information on Types and Treatment of Blood Cancer, Visit –

Types of Blood Cancer

Blood Cancer Treatment

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  1. hi, im mahendran from Malaysia. i’m going to get married soon and just recently my fiance is diagnosed with blood cancer. There are several symptoms which indicates her blood cancer. But then, sometimes its hard to believe that she is having blood cancer because of her daily activities. She looks quite energetic, doing all the house chores, and playing around happily. But, at nights sometimes she have to be in oxygen tubing and feel too weak. Even her menstruation last for about 20 days!!. Her fingernails are blackening and her hair is dropping too much. Im not sure whether she is having blood cancer or not but the doctors who diagnosed her gave her just 3 months to live. Can someone please email to me about this situation because i really need some help. my email address is below. Please, i would be hoping for a very helpful and kind info from anyone who knows about this deeply.


    • Dear Mahendra
      Iam very sorry to know the condition of your fiance. See.. this website is intended for information and should not be taken as standard for diagnosis and treatment. I deeply apologize that as a ‘Content Developer’ for the website, I cannot give you information that is the copyright of qualified medical professionals. If I do that it will be injustice and big offense. So I request you to take your dear one to bona fied health professional before it is too late. I pray for her well being.

    • Your fiancée sounds like she has they symptoms of iron deficiency as well.

    • myuncle had blood cancer he foundout this week but died this morning at 11 00 oclck this morning

    • get in2 ayurvedic treament wich cn hlp hr out

  2. My husbands blood is getting oily n he has coughing and also during cough he is vometing blood doctor say that he has blood cancer what kind of cancer is this?

  3. Hi i am anand . . Now my mother is suffer by blood cancer (leukemia) ..now she having continues vomiting problem and she lost her weight completly . . Could u tell what is the symptoms of final stage

  4. hi,,i have boyfriend.he is a doctor surgent..he didnt know he has cancer of the blood..only he knows when he got receve his blood result..it very sad.becouse he didnt know ..he dont feel any symtoms of cancer.thankz

  5. i’m uditha.my girl friend is suffuring frm a blood cancer.can any body tell me whether it can be healed or is there any tratment for this?she’s still 18years old..plz,send me some advice,

    • kim said on June 25, 2012

      Dear is there any cure at first stage ??? Is ur gf fine ??? Is there any cure at first stage ??? Plz reply me plz

  6. my mom has some type of blood cancer and she recently had an “accident ” . One arm is regular size and the other one is very skinny and i guess she has some kind of rock in her stomache or kidneys but they say she needs surgery.if you know anything that might help me i would truly appreciate it
    im only 17 and my mom hasnt even told me she has cancer..my sister did.
    well my email is roqstar77@yahoo.com
    i really need some help…some answers
    plz write me if you have any information

  7. hello, i just found out that my friend passed from blood cancer. she was in the hospital for 6 days while the doctors ran test and just said her results were confusing. the they found her kidneys failing and waited to do a biopsy until all the doctors were back on monday from their thanksgiving vacation. i just read these symptoms and she had alot of these symptoms leading up to her death. she went to the doctor before going to the emergency room and the doctor just told her she had pnemonia and sent her back to work. all this time she was dying. please if you have symptoms of any kind dont put them off ever and dont let the doctors push you to believing you are crazy or being a burden to them that is their job. my friend was a healthy 31 year old woman. dont let them push things off because of age or “you dont look like the type”. she was right there in the hospital while they ran test after test.

    • hey this sounds like Wegners disease it looks like pneumonia but it is not till you get biopsy to prove this. my brother was rushed in and they treated him for pneumonia but he was dieing of wegners it is not curable its where the blood cells swell and pop causing lives to fail hearing loss and sensation only retuxamab chemo can hold it back.

    • nw ur frd is okay or not

  8. dear this site ,

    Im freaked out , i think i have these symptoms. I dont know how tell anyone though , and im incredibly scared

  9. dear whoever can help and is reading this, one of my very close friends just found out that they have blood cancer. He threw up blood the first time ever about an year ago and than 4 months ago from now and as well as 1 month ago. Just today he threw up blood again. He says he feels like there is something burning inside his stomach and he sweats alot during this time. The dr. said it can be cured but has a 10% chance of being stopped from spreading…..i continue to have hope for him, however he does not. although the doctors have not yet told him how long he has to live, he thinks it will be about 4 years maximum. I really need help on finding out what type it is and how it can be cured.

    thank you so much,

  10. hi,
    I just found out a very close friend of mine has one of these cancers. She is only 12 or 13 and I am worried for her. is there any cure oh please please tell me there is.

    thank you

  11. Hi all,

    my father had blood cancer and hes now no longer among us.He had similar symptoms mentioned above, eg frequent nose bleeding, abdomen swelling, kidney problems, skinny, .The doctors said that he was in the 4th stage and there were no chances of survival.in the last week he started vomiting blood wasnt able to get up properly, wasnt eating well.and one day he just passed away.I wish there could be some way this dreadful disease can be permanently cured.
    Emma you can consult with the docs, chemotherapy is one of the cures that they recommend but its very painful, loss of hair, nails get all black, its a terrible cure but thats all thats there even with todays technology .Hope that your friend gets well soon.


  12. i want 2 know whether in blood cancer a person has high fever (104) and wbc=1000.pl send the reply

  13. hi, i am duti, i live in kolkata. and i am suffering by blood cancer(leukemia) 2nd stage. please any body help me to suggest that what to do and where to go. how it can be cured. well my email is shadabduti@gmail.com
    i really need some help…some answers
    plz write me if you have any information

    • can you go to america if yes so you may go there is ” the university of Texa Md anderson Cancer Center.it is worlds No.01 Cancer center.
      My wife also in seffering of Blood Cancer . wish for you and for her.

    • I just heard that there is a chinese hospital that uses a new technology to cure cancer, & a lot of people have been cured,
      please try to contact this hospital & see if they can do any thing for you,
      Please see contact information below;

      Tel: 0086-20-34471288

  14. my friend might have blood cancer and im very worried on how long he may have to live or until he is very very ill i have known many people that have died from this but i never would have thought it would have been my best friend

    please help me and my friend i need help today

  15. My dad has stage 4 blood cancer and has been battling with this terrible disease for 10 very long years. My dad was taken to the hospital tonight because he has bleeding coming from his mouth. The doctors said that my dad is slowing bleeding from his brain and does not think that it will be much longer. My dad said that he is at peace with this and does not want to be in pain anymore. I want to be selfish and beg he to fight but when I look into his eyes I can see just how much he is hurting and how tired and fragile he has become. My prayers are with all the families that are dealing with a loved one battling this. It is so hard to watch your hero slipping away from you more and more each day and not be able to do anything about it. I love you dad.

  16. They say.. In India.. CMC Vellore is pretty good in curing blood cancer and they seem to have a good success rate. Try it.. if you would wish.

  17. my young brother is 10 year old have a high level of rbc has currant rbc is 6.13 pls till what kind treatment we can give to him

  18. my mather are have hbsag+ and also hcv positive his liver are demage badly and higy liver cirhosis can it be cure by any treatment pls reply me soon?

  19. Dear Friends,

    I am Chemical Engineer so I believe in all science including Medical Science. Also I understand the Limitations of science in every field. I am not against Medical Treatment for Blood Cancer, but I Strongly Recommend parallel use of Holistic Treatment. This will certainly assist in recovering faster and also will significantly help in decreasing pain and suffering of side effect of cancer treatment.

    We have experienced successfully witnessed the cure of Cervical Cancer just with Holistic Treatment and no Medical Intervention. I am retired Chemical Engineer and with grace of God and Blessings of several saints we are financially very well to do, so we are not looking for any financial gain or fame. My wife Khushi is Medical Technologist and she is very good in teaching this details to young boys and girls.

    Holistic Treatment comprises of the following:
    • Pranayama – Increase Oxygen Supply in our Blood and Body – Howard and MIT Medical Colleges have proved that in Oxygenated environment even cancer cell does not survive.
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    • Home Remedies – Like Wheat Grass + Tulasi + Nim Leaves Juice –
    • Diet – Quality / Quantity / Timings – We have group of world renowned Dieticians and Naturopathy Doctors assisting in this – Easy to follow and practical diet but very effective
    • Yog Asans – With real understanding and complimenting with Pranayama and Meditation
    • Ayurvedic or Homeopathy Treatment
    • Keeping 100% positive environment – we train all individuals in the family and friends – this aspect is very necessary and significantly reduces stress for all.

    We will be very happy to provide all the details and training to anyone interested and wiling to make use of the Holistic Treatment. Please do not hesitate to contact us if we could be of any assistance. Please feel free to forward this information to anyone who can be benifited.

    With Lots of Love and Best Wishes,

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  20. dear sir,
    My father vomitting blood and in night fever coming .after test report we know that he has blood cancer .is he cured from this disease? How much cost required for treatment of this disease?please help me and revert in this mail

  21. to all the people who have blood cancer god is still in charge. pray & be honmest in your heart & he will hral if it be his will. love , jenni wright.

  22. GOD is still in charge . Pray & be honest in your heart & if it be his will , He will heal your love ones. God is in everything & is everything. He deserves all the honor & glory. My master Lord Jesus Christ. Praise The Lord. AMEN !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. is there any medicine for the treatment of blood cancer even if we cnt cure 100% is ther any means for longer survival plese anybody help me!!! my fren is dieing i dont want her to go away from me plse provide me with an answer

  24. plz some 1 help me…ma love has been daignozed with blood cancer…its d first stage.
    I sthere any medicine or cure for this?
    plz…I will do any thing to save him…
    plz contact me at parul.kanda@yahoo.com

  25. hiii guyz,, its anil..
    ma best frnd , ma lyf , ma best part of lyf, YASHU iz hvng this fckng disease….
    m vry much worried about her..
    plz, god help her, i wanna spend ma whole lyf wth her,…plz god, if m lil bit gud human being in ur eyes, thn plz, make her better as soon as possible….i luv ma yashu….
    is there any medicine or cure or anythng for this???
    i can do evrythng 2 make her live fr 100 yrs, i can even die fr her..
    pls, if u hv any sggstn, plz msg me:- anil.69467@gmail.com

  26. someone told me that horse milk cures cancer it wouldnt hurt to give it a try

  27. I am sorry, Its a very late response from my end, I just checked few reports on cancer,

    Do you have the reports with you? if yes then please send the scan copy to me, Patient have to regularly take the medicine regularly without fail.

    You don’t believe, I have seen few cases in Bangalore and it is cured as well, So I don’t want to take much time…There is something called Noni (Its a Health Drink)… These cases has been solved, This not a marketing kind of emails, Even I had faced lot more problems not with Cancer but with other horrible pains.

    Send me the reports to me, let me discuss this with the Health Organization regarding this Or you can call Mr. Prathap Singh 080-9844143736 and refer my name (Praveen)…My email id:praveenpdz@gmailcom

    I am sure this may help you and MAY GOD BLESS YOU ALL AND ALL THESE KIND OF PEOPLE

  28. sir,
    this is not really sure, but what i suspected after going through this imformation is maybe i got blood cancer.because sign and symptom seems to be true that bleeding from gum and tooth,weaght loss and all the symptoms are realated. I have gone to hospital for sereval time in same case,but doctors didnt say any thing of the case.so is there any disease other then blood cancer which have same sign and symptom?

  29. i have some of the symptoms mentioned here. does that means i have ablood cancer?/

  30. Hi, I’m Donna working at the DSWD, suffering a Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL) stage 3. I am weak every now and then because of this cancer. I undergo for several process of chemotherapy last 2008 and 2 times radiotherapy last 2009 and a bone marrow transplant, but after 3 months cancer came back because during the radiation several cancer cells came back now last January 2010 I undergo for another types of chemotherapy (4 cycle) and a blood transfusion every month starting 2008 to present. So here I am, my body so thin like a candle and a bamboo, I asked everyone to help me especially prayer and financial resource.

  31. Hi frnd

    i have one friend . she is very close to me and in my hurt some time ago i know she is suffring for blood cancer….she is very sweet girl she is enjoy evry mument ……first time any girl is close to my hurt oh god plz.give me this wish plz.i am never forgate her….hey friends if any information to blood cencer give me infomation plz……..my i.d. reenarani2008@hotmail.com

  32. My brother daughter is having blood cancer. Few days before we found out that from here mouth blood is cuming out and then we info the doctor and then he made sum test and told that she is having blood cancer. And nw he is in the hospital. Can any body tell that how she will be cured. Pls help me out, we wil do any thing for here. And pls help me out

  33. Hi. dis is rebecca. our lord jesus is a supernatural god.
    ma watchmen daughter was sufferin from cancer and god has healed her..
    she is now not suffering from cancer.
    god is possible maker.
    i request all those who is suffering from cancer to pray and trust JESUS our almighty god.
    please visit to our church in secbad.

    thank u,

  34. maha said on July 6, 2010

    hi sir,
    My Brother’s daughter having blood cancer,,she is age 5 and strating stage we would like to know which best hospital having best treatment for blood cancer in southindia..if you know someone plz inform to me

  35. hey my name is sara my best friend B.A discovered that she have blood cancer now she is in germany for treatment
    before she travelled i asked her when will u come back she answered me i have no idea whatever i need to know how long it takes to recovery ????? i miss her so much and so worry and i cant conact her plz answer me

  36. Sir,

    I am a practitioner in herbal medicine inheriting knowledge from my ancestors. Over 40 years
    I have been engaged in research of herbal medicine and have been treating cancer patients with
    very satisfactory results.Many of my terminally ill cancer patients have recovered completely and
    leading normal lives over past several years. However, I write this for a very exciting discovery
    I have made during my treatment Of different types of cancer patients, particularly blood cancer
    patients. I have seen that both hemoglobin and platelet can be increased to normal levels by the use
    of herbal medicines. Although the increase varies from patient to patient but the increase starts from
    day one and the progress continues till normal levels are achieved. The medicines are absolutely safe
    have no side effects as happens in blood transfusion- and fast acting. The downfall is halted as soon
    as the medicines are administered and the progress continues. The result is lasting and the patient
    gradually gains the strength of producing hemoglobin and platelet by its own body system.

    Both the discoveries are revolutionary with immense potentialities worldwide. If you are interested in the matter,
    and want copies of the reports,I can send copies of the results of some the patients treated by me for your

    Thanking you and awaiting an early reply,

    Yours faithfully,

    • Please send results and exact herbal medicine that cured blood cancer. My father in law was diagnosed, and I want to try herbal meds

    • Recently my father get diagnose with blood cancer and aim seeking any think can help my father recovery.i will be please if you can tell me how i can contact you.

      kind regaeds,


  37. Hello. I can give first hand knowledge of this horrible experience. When I was 15 years old my now fiance ,who was 17 at the time, was diagnosed with A.L.L Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. It was so scary the thought that my boyfriend could die at any second. He was so sickly and I felt so helpless. I knew I had to be strong for him and so I did. And four long and hard years later he is in remission and considered a survivor of A.L.L. He’s now 20 and doing great. The most I can say about helping people with cancer is treat them as if they don’t. Treat them with respect and honor it makes a big difference when you get the negative people around. Also don’t talk about it all the time. Talk about things that have nothing to do with cancer or medicine. Don’t forget about taking care of yourself if your helping someone else. Be strong but remember it is okay to cry with your loved one every once and awhile. Lastly which is very important… never give up. Thanks and good luck; if you’d like to chat with me I’m all ears.

  38. dr fellowz..i dnt knw wt lead me 2 dc webst..only god knwz!i hv sm of the symphtomz bt i dnt wnt 2 blv it..sm thngz happen 4 a reason….smthn telz me 2 tel ol of u tht he is there…rmbr he is the king of kingz,the doctor of doctrz whn thr is a barrier he keeps a way 4 u 2 gt ot of it…!look, hez waitn 4 u 2 accept hm n blv..!he xaid in hs holly book, tht it takes a sml portion of faith 2 mv mountains…..he xaid kol upon me n il hr u…he xaid mtn is impossible 2 hm…..evn scientist knw tht he is thr n tht sm thngz are left 4 hm cz no 1is lk hm…..with jesus thr is no sickeness!!!!!lts kp up the vaith n pray tht he will(show hs miracle among us n the whole world will knw the lord we praise and believes in true n faithfull…he ws thr b4,he still is n he’ll alwyz b…..may god almighty bless u ol.ameen

  39. Hey, what’s up? My father has a blood cancer. My father haematology report:

    Total Cout:- White Blood Cells- 379000000/L.

    Differential Cout:- Neutrophil-38%, Lymphocytes- 03%, Monocyte- 02%, Eosinophil- 04%, Basophil- 02%, Myelo+Metamyelocyte- 46%, Blast- 05%.

    Red Cell Indices:- P.C.V( Hct)- 30%, M.C.V- 97 fL, M.C.H- 32 pg, M.C.H.C- 33 g/dL.

    What should I do now? Any Suggestion please….

  40. Dear Friends,

    If anyone need details of Holistic Treatment absolutely free of charge for recovering or curing any incurable diseases – Please send us E mail and we will be happy to send the details … Lots of Love and Best Wishes …

    Kushi & Dinesh Jasani

    Bombay, INDIA

  41. For all those who are really going through a tough time right now I am truely sorry. For the rest of you you should be ashamed of yourself for falsly posting to scam people! I hope this post brings attention to that fact and noone is getting taken advantage of by you. For “real” posters/readers I hope you can see a majoritly of these posts follow the same pattern.

    I mean really, if you have been diagnosed with this disease then obviously you have been to the doctor and given your options as far as treatment goes!

    These posters are trying to get you to email them…dont do it! Its a scam!!!

  42. God Bless you all who are suffering from Cancer.:(

  43. ask ALLAH HE wont leave you all…..

  44. sir i feel that some symptoms of cancer are in me.these are follow

    1.I m suffering from fever from about 4-5months.
    2.i feel pain in my arms.
    3.when i standup (sudden) dan black color appears in my eyes.
    4.i feel weakness

    plz let me know what is dis?

  45. I like your explaination.

    • Thank you sir. We at YgoY, appreciate your taking the time to write to us. Keep visiting the web site and happy reading.

      Team YgoY.

  46. To Purushottamdas Gupta ..
    can you give email id or pls or contact me on my email id

    just need few suggetions from you
    thank you sir


  48. Hi..I’m fourteen years old and ive been feeling ghastly for a longtime…I’m afraid to say anything to my fam..
    I have (are having)
    1.)blurry vision(comes and goes)
    2.)sudden but usually extreme pains/aches in my bones/muscles
    3.)persistent and painful cough.
    4.)massive headaches
    5.)vertigo(almost everytime I stand, blue fills my eyes)
    6.)I’m rarely hungry anymore
    7.) I’m not really gaining any weight (87lb., peers are at least 100)
    8.) sudden nausea
    9.) breathing problems(hurts sometimes, difficult sometimes, almost normal sometimes)
    10.)many people say I look paler than usual (I have no clue, I don’t notice that kind of stuff..)
    11.)I’m always tired but when I try to sleep, I wake up frequently(annoying but may not be a symptom..)
    12.)face feels hot(don’t have a thermometer here..ours is broken)

    Pleasee help!

  49. i am sorry to know that

  50. Dear Scaredd,

    I am not a doctor but I am a mom of a 14 year old daughter. I would recommend that you talk to your family. I lost my brother to leukemia when I was 7 and I am now researching to find out more information because my mother in law has just been diagnosed. If you are not feeling well then it is important to talk to someone. Don’t assume anything just get in and get checked. I will be praying for you and your family. God is still in control and will guide you through the tough times.

  51. hai i suffered a lot

  52. my little brother is surfing in leukemi, plz help,

  53. hi i’m nathan from dubai, sorry for those who was suffering that kind of desease, i just want to suggest for the treatment im not sure for this… but who know’s if this could help , does anyone heard about ANION SANITARY NAPKIN this is medicated try this maybe medicine could help

    thanks and god bless

  54. well i am 27years old and married and we found out my husban has leukemin(aLL) WE HAVE THREE BABYS . THERE ARE DAYS I am JUST SO MAD AT the world , MY BABBYS DONT UNDER STAND WHY MY KIDS CANT GO OUT SIDE AND BUILD A SNOW MAN OR WHY DADDY SO TIRED ALL THE TIME AND WHY DADDY IS ALWAYS TAKING SOMING OR WHY HE SICK OR WHY HE cant PLAY WITH THEM AND I DO MY BEST WITH MED. AND TAKING CARE OF HIM BUT IT HARD TO SEE HIM SO MAD AND NOT WANTING TO DO IT ANY MORE . HE SAY HES LIKE CHILD AND POEPLE Talk and look at him . but like i tell him hes my child and i am always here for him but he has done lot by him self because i could not stay right their with him like i would all the time becuase of the babys but i am always with him but i feel as if i live day by day now and its hard and i m lost in this word dont know much but how to care for has much as i can for him . love , and hope always leigh

  55. Hi leigh , hang in there, my husband was diagnosed with cll , 2008, but what the doctors don’t tell
    you is your husbands body is detereating from a lack of vitamin d, and they do not check for vitamin diffencientcy,, if i new that in 2008 maybe my husband would live a little longer, i found outto late
    why he was sleeping all the time while the cancer just grew,, he is on 50,000 iu of vitamin d for weeks now, and its not working yet all you can do is live like every day is your last, and yes it is very scary and it doesn’t get easier,,, remember one thing you are still here and your children life does not stop for you you must continue living your life regardless of the surcomstances,,go back to school take care of your self


    REPLY PLZ REP OR SEND MESSAGE IN shagnikbhattacherjee@gmail.com

  57. i will be very happy for ur appreciation and considerations i need help
    plzz help

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  59. just i am prying with allah every thing will be done right i am requesting to your all patients and unpatients also pry inshallah every thing will be right and i am realy realy realy extremly prying for all over the patients who suffering with each and every decieses either that major or minor but i am prying for all patients

  60. Holy Christmas…what ever happened to Americans!?!?!?!?!?

  61. Is that a typo?

    53,240 people out of the 1,39,860 ?

    The total cancer deaths estimated in the year 2009 are 5,62,340?

  62. Dear everyone who is posting:

    My husband has been ill for one year with a leaky gut (the food or toxins go into his blood stream) but possibly could have a skin myloma, has to be biopsied.
    He saw an amazing difference in his own condition when he started drinking PAU D’ ARCO TEA, a rain forest bark that CLEANSES THE BLOOD and also started to take BETA D 1,3 GLUCAN supplement. (Taken from the cell walls of Brewer’s yeast. This actually causes your immune system to swallow up the cellular debris and can attack tumors naturally. (My husband had a small absess on his hip that dissappeared two week after starting the Beta Glucan. Both of these are available at health food stores. The doctors won’t tell you these things, you have to search for yourself. I have a nutritional healing book that recommended certain supplements for my husband’s condition. Check your diet!! My husband is off Glutan, nightshades, sugar, most dairy, except for KIFIR with Probiotics. Try some natural things!! The first two are excellant for many disorders especailly the blood! God Bless you all in your endeavor!

  63. Canser is detect at the time of blood group testing?

  64. anyone who can help my sister of mine suffering from dark spots of her skin. and at the middle of her dark spots found out that it is too pain.. is there a chance to be a blood cancer?.plz give me some advise.. thank you very much…..

  65. Dear All:

    There’s nothing I have ever gone through in comparison to having someone you love having leukemia or cancer. My father has leukemia and vascular dementia and several other health issues. Over the last two or three weeks his conditions are worse. We just found out two weeks ago that he has leukemia and he has a lot of the signs of last stage leukemia. My family and I along with hospice are caring for him around the clock and trying to make him comfortable and try to show him that we all love him.

    I believe that the natural way of healing is better. I believe some people will be healed while others won’t be. I read Suzanne Sommers book called ‘Knockout’ and there are things in that book that can help cure some people! I bought the book on amazon.com for a reasonable price….you might even be able to check it out from your library! The book tells you what things you can take and how to change your diet. I’ve heard if you change your diet to an alkaline diet, it kills the cancer cells in your body! It’s worth reading or studying on the internet. I realize a lot of people go through chemo and other harsh treatments; however, those treatments kill the good cells as well!

    My wish for all is the chance to get well….we have to enjoy life….don’t forget to love and forgive one another….be there and don’t give up! God is mighty and my strength. He’s there waiting for you to ask Him for help…..He will give you strength when you are weak, He’ll give you peace when you are troubled, He will give you comfort when you are distraught, He’ll give you everlasting life if you just ask Him for it. We’re never alone….He cares for everyone and loves you!

    May God bless you richly!!!

  66. Hi Am Paul,
    Just recently my friend was diagnosed of blood cancer, and I really feel for him and his expectant wife!
    And the Doctor says that the illness is ‘manageable’ . Does this mean that the life of my friend is in danger? What exactly does this word ‘ manageable’ mean? Is there some assurance that my friend will live through this disease? Can someone out there help?

  67. Hi i really dont know fully about “BLOOD CANCER” but i need to say this when i studied about ur comments about ur LOVED ONES i know how much u people feel for ur dear one’s …… I need u people to PRAY for them other than GOD no one loves,cares for us and please BELIVE my WORDS………….. THANK U………………


  69. dear Kushi & Dinesh Jasani

    Bombay, INDIA

    my bhua has been detected from blood cancer and it is at a very very early stage.
    i need your email id or any contact no. to get in touch regarding consultation.

    plz help !!!


  70. dear Dr. Purushottamdas Gupta (doctor in herbal medicine) ,

    my bhua has been detected from blood cancer and it is at a very very early stage.
    i need your email id or any contact no. to get in touch regarding consultation.

    plz help !!!


  71. Oh thans God!!about 6 month afteq i found such a good site.i have got a lot of information from u.the information about blood cancer is very very good and i think also complete.there is my friend who have this terrifib desease.first of all we were tottally unawere about it.bn he told me his condition and illness.then we come to know about this dreadfull disease.then i search more information from u.thank u

  72. I am suffering with the symptom u tell about, i think i have blood cancer and i no longer live, m at last stage plz help me.

  73. Plz………… Tell me what i do m just of 18 and in the last stage of blood cancer

  74. i havnt cancer .but i want to know every things about blood cancer .if you have every usefull information please send to my email::::arghavaniali@yahoo.com]\
    thanks for your attention

  75. Most types of cancers are caused by the use of wrong oils and fats. And once cancer sets in then it’s fuelled by sugars and fizzy drinks and bad oils.


    Stop eating all oils except: extra virgin olive oil (or small quantities of butter).

    Stop all sugars and fizzy drinks.

    Start eating vegetables & salads (broccoli, lettuce, watercress, celery etc – (no tomatoes)

    Do not eat meat. You should increase use of oily fish (salmon, mackerel etc). You may have small amounts of grilled or boiled chicken.

    Start using wholemeal bread ( do not have white bread).

    Start immediately on the Budwig Protocol

    The Budwig Protocol was devised by Johanna Budwig (German Scientist – Noble Prize Nominee). She treated almost 1000 cancer patients (many with end stage cancers) and achieved a fantastic success rate.

    She found that consumption of Flaxseed oil (linseed oil/oil of Alsi) caused a reversal of almost all cancers.

    The way she did this was by mixing and thoroughly blending flaxseed oil with quark (cottage cheese in UK and America). This maximized the absorption of the oil and made it available directly where it was needed without the need to be processed by the liver.

    She was very strongly against the use of chemotherapy and radiotherapy as she showed repeatedly that healing almost any type of cancer was as simple as a,b,c.
    a) Stop foods that cause and fuel cancer
    b) Start the Budwig Protocol (also known as the Budwig Diet)
    c) Start foods that prevent and stop cancer

    She found that cancer is mainly disease of the diet (mainly wrong oils and fats). Whenever you change the diet and start the flaxseed & cottage cheese mixture then cancer starts to recede.
    Most people starts feeling the benefit within a few weeks and results can be seen on scans by the doctors within a month.

    You do need to stock up on your flaxseed oil as you will need to take quite a bit. Between 100ml to 200ml a day blended with cottage cheese. Once it’s blended properly you cannot see the oil and you end up with what looks like a smoothy. Eat 300g to 500g a few times a day. Try to have it first thing in the morning as well (on an empty stomach).

    I have used this protocol on a number of cancer patients (throat cancer, lung cancer and brain cancer) with almost unbelievable results.

    I have since learnt that there are many ways to treat cancer (at least 12 therapies). This is probably the best I have come across.

    Please do a Google search on Budwig Diet or Budwig Protocol and read up as much as you can and then without delay get on to the FS/CC diet.

    I Pray to God that it works for you (or your loved one) as it has worked for my friends.
    Best Wishes
    Saabir Mohammed

  76. I also thnk i hve blood cancer bt hvent start treating it i’m kind of scared

  77. I am 15 and my friend had cancer, she is as old as me. She is cured, and she said she had blood cancer and that she was cured without chemo, is it possible? I am afraid she is keeping on me and still has cancer :(. Please I need to know, thank you.

  78. I am 15 and my friend had cancer, she is as old as me. She is cured, and she said she had blood cancer and that she was cured without chemo, is it possible? I am afraid she is keeping on me and still has cancer :(. Please I need to know, thank you. two of my cousins died from cancer, and my parents friends :(

  79. Any one there??? My life partner is having blood cancer,, doctor said that itz his first stage….. is there any cure for this??????????? is there any proper treatment???? will he be able to live……. plzzz give me ur suggestions…… i really need help,, plzz help me… here’s my e-mail – sushmitak310@gmail.com

    • Hello Sushmita,

      the chances of getting treated or even cured is very high if the disease is in first stage as mentioned by you.

      Please consult a specialist (an oncologist) as early as possible. After the diagnosis of the type of blood cancer your partner has, an appropriate treatment regime would be devised by the doctor.

      I am sure the outcome of the treatment will be excellent and your loved one will be normal again. We all pray for your partner’s speedy recovery.

      – Regards,
      Team Ygoy

  80. At which stage of blood cancer does blood vomiting starts????? plz contact me – sushmitak310@gmail.com

  81. can i save my friend she is 23yearsold suffering from blood cancer and Frequent vomiting sensations
    plz help me tell me truth plz how much time she left

  82. cole said on May 23, 2011

    hi im cole i just recently found that a close new frend of mine who i rily care abt has blood cancer im nt sure hw to help her bt i wud luv to kno if it can b cured pliz i wud luv to hear frm any1

  83. last three year my grandmother died cancer even my girlfriend also , blood cancer which once suffer it will be died , but world heath organization and united nation organization will fight for cancer even most of doctor fight for cancer

  84. one of my staff day by day she become lost of weight even she look in the sick in her inter part of the body ,

  85. my wife was suffering from cancer, she is fine she was treated in tata memorial mumbai blood cancer is curable if it detect in early stage. so i personally request you all . go to tata hospital. the doctor and staff is very good and they will give great support (LIVE FOR THE NATION AND KEEP YOUR SURROUNDING CLEAN)

  86. Faty said on June 1, 2011

    Hi aim 21 I vomiting also blood and i have pin in my arms , and nose bleed Iam shaking right
    And I want too ask which stage of blood cancer dose vomting blood start ,

  87. Which stage of blood cancer dose vomiting blood start .?

  88. how can i know that i have blood cancer………b4 the doctors consultation

  89. my frn is 16 n he is suffering frnd blood cancer. today he is in icu. i jus wanna pray for him so dat he may get well soon. i dont wana lose him.

  90. My mom is going through this cancer (T Cell All) she was felling pain in head but now every thing is counting normally doctors are saying that she is out of danger but she is complaing abdomen pain but after cheacking through ultra sound every thing is right and they say some water is added . Is this deasese realy has some trust can my mother survive. Plz mail me and pray for my mother and mail me at .indufromkashmir@gmail.com

  91. dear sir: two month ago doctors after the reserch said that my brother have leukomia (blood cancer) and his age is 13 years old have it an any way to be get his health?
    and how?
    and which country do you profer to get his go for solve it’s problem.

    thanks allot. (edriss_anwari@yahoo.com)

  92. Bye,
    i am suffering from blood cancer.

  93. Dear Sir/Madam,

    My name is Khem Raj Chapagain. I am 42 years old. 15 years ago, I had swelling of my left tonsil. After a few days, a small corn-size tumour grew just outside the tonsil. I consulted the doctor, used medicines but was in vain. I went to the city and got it tested. The FNAC report was negative for cancer. About 5 times, I got FNAC tested. In 2004 December, the tumour grew larger. It was totally painless. I consulted the doctor. He advised me to get it operated. I followed. It was tested in the lab. No bad results were shown. But after 2 months another similar tumour grew at the same place. Again I consulted the doctor. He suspected the lab but did not say anything clearly. I carried the apple-sized tumour in the left side of the neck for two years more. In 2006 April, I consulted another ENT specialist. He suggested biopsy. After the biopsy test, it was diagnosed Hodgkin’s Lymphoma (mixed cellularity type). Immediately I went to Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai, India. The doctor planned ABVD chemo therapy for 4 months, each 15 days. The doctor said two chemo (30 days) was equal to one cycle. I underwent 4 cycles of chemotherapy and 14 days radiation therapy. The treatment was over on 12 October, 2006.

    I did not go to India for follow up according to doctor’s advice. I consulted an oncologist in Kathmandu, near my home. In August 2007, I felt a tumour at the same place. I told it to the doctor. He suggested an FNAC test and said that it was a repetition. I asked him about more reliable treatment. He advised me for bone marrow transplantation. It was too expensive for me. He also said there was no such service in Nepal. He said that it would cost about 4 million Nepali rupees. The amount is beyond my imagination. I can never collect so much money. I am a teacher by profession. I have my ageing parents, two children (10 and 7) and wife – all dependent on me.

    Now the tumour has been growing. The veins under and behind the neck are swollen. It is sometimes extremely painful. An apple-size tumour has also grown in the left arm-pit. An oval size lump has grown in the left joint of the thigh, just below the stomach. Now they are almost painless, except some times.

  94. my frnd is having these symptoms:
    visual defect
    blood vomit
    lack of sleep
    he is done his MRI but nthing is detected
    can u plz tell if he is having syptoms of cancer?
    plz rply on my email amrit351@gmail.com

  95. im jeni.my friend s sufferin frm bloodcancer…..can u pls say me wheatr it can b cured,if so wat s d treatment to b undergone……

  96. pls reply me on jen.blutit@gmail.com

  97. i m not a doctor bt i m saying this frm my experience that blood cancer is not curable only treatable,,,,,,,,it depends on the type of cancer that the victim may live for a few months or 10 to 15 years,,,,,,,,,,,so wenevr it get diagnosed take the patient to best cancer hospital and ask doctor for tym,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,sry i m quite depressing bt i m telling the fact ,,,,,,dont get emotional and make urself prepare fr any accident……….

  98. and if u r poor plz plzz plzz dont waste ur money untill doctor grantees that it is completely curable……..

  99. i am interested in finding about new diseases and i just want to say plz take care of urself and if u r suffering from this plz be happy mentaly cause it really effects the period of time that u r going to live ,may be u live a bit longer because of ur happiness…………….:) never forget u may live as longer u want but only if u keep ur self happy……………..

  100. but i wanted to know what happens to our blood in this disease

  101. hii I am from punjab , India
    I am suffer blood cancer and this is my frist stage plz help me any treatment Help ?

  102. I am 5ft 5inches tall weigh 100lbs eat but not puting on weight- tired short of breath and the bones in my body ar sticking out everywheres – had at CT scan they say everything is fine I fine in by heart that something is really wrong – at times have a hard time shallowing at times and the digestive system does not feel good fracture the callor bone more then 7 weeks ago and still not heeled – the Doctor says I needs greiving counciling lost by sister in march and husband has been sick since last June – we know what is wrong with him just found out 6 blockages on the heart the heart is in good shape all pink trying meds first I can take that knowng what it is and I have been fighting the doctors to get his sugars under control and they finally are it me I have not strengh do eat but still dropping weight I believe there is somthing wrong the weight lost started in January – my whole family 13 people left 2 sisters and one brother and Mom one sicker dieing of kidney cancer they all died since 1995 cancer- what should I do?????????

  103. Hi my name is Kamal Saluja I want to know that i ,ve got stomch infection few days befor but after that i ,ve getting pain in my bones & ankel at night. the pain was unbearable. is this a sign of blood cancer.

  104. Dear sir, Dr.
    I have write about my uncle Mr. Abdul Haseeb, age 51 (M) height 6.01 inches. he is suffering Blood Cancer ( A CASE OF LEUKAEMIA ). i just sending you his complete history report by the lab namely Shri Ram Pathology (Meeruth).india a Attached copy:
    HB.- 10.5gm% TLC-1,20,000/cumm; PLT.- 1.54 lakhs/ cumm.
    Site of bone marrow aspirate; PSIS.
    Aspirate: Particulate.
    Cellularity: Markedly Hypercellular for age.
    Megakaryocytes: Adequately seen.
    Non erythroid: Erythroid ratio: 40:1; Erythroid suppression.
    DLC: Blast- 60%; Promyelocyte- 11% Mylocyte-05%; Metamyelocyte-06% Polymorphs-07%; Lymphocytes-7%; Eosinophils-04%.
    Blast Morphology:
    The cells are 2 times the size of mature Lymphocytes with high N:C ratio with scan cytoplasm and inconspicuous nucleoli, No auer rods or granules are seen features are Acute Leukemia Morphologically lymphoid.
    Bone Marrow: Acute Leukemia Morphologically Lymphoid.
    (a). To rule out lymphoma infiltration to bone marrow.
    (b). Cytochemistry and flowcytometry confirmation.
    (c). BCR-ABL transcript to rule out CML in blast crisis.

    that he has detected recently last one week ago, so please advice to us about his treatment by your medicines urgently, and how many days treatment will go on. please specified,

    Awaits to hear from you asap.
    Asif Malik
    Roorkee. Uttarakhand. India.

  105. can it be cured???

  106. HI I am Muzhgan from Afghanistan . It is a week that my sister started to look too pale and feeling weak going to doctor first they diagnosed that she has chrone disease and later on doing some check up they did some more check ups and said she may have blood cancer and we should do the bone marrow check up in Pakistan , since our damn country doesn’t have such facilities . She is so young 18yrs old . Does blood cancer have a treatment I mean a real treatment . Will she get well ?

    • Adia said on May 23, 2012

      I am an afghan as well jan I will pray for ur sister she may have a long life

  107. hi all , i had blood cancer when iam 3 years old….i was fully cured….there is cure for this …..and iam 24 old now…..thanx admin for giving these details to others…………..

  108. doctor please help ma friend having blood cancer because of heart prob so her operation is done and little tension for cancer please help me that cancer can be cured………………….and what kind of theropy required i am from mumbai india please doctor please help me any hospital name suggest me on email id i am hoping that any help come for me…………

  109. l am patience from zimbabwe .l am suffer from blood cancer pliz people l nid yo help .ma email address is patiencemagora@ymail.com

  110. hello all,
    my uncle has leukemia and is interrible pians, i just saw Dinesh Jasani writeup and would like anybody that can suggest a solution to pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee help . the pain he has is killing me. i cant watch him die

  111. i was treated for AML type of blood cancer last April2010. please let me if it can come again I am married have a10yr old son who does not know about it . This is really a very friendly site heard lot about it through my friend. So please tell me what diet to follow for post treatment. My e-mail ramadevi1604@yahoo.com

  112. i alpha ame a 22yr old from Papua new guinea have lost my sister from blood cancer on da 6th sep 2010, which leaves me with a big scar which i cannot forget.i love her so much n miss her…. da best advice i could give is treasure da person or family you have give yr best until its too late…

  113. i’m manish.my girl friend is suffuring frm one of these three blood cancers. can any body tell me whether it can be healed or is there any tratment for this?i can do anything to save her so pllz tell me any cure.she’s still 20 years old..plz,send me some advice,plllllzzzzzzzz……….
    email me at:manish30khatri@gmail.com

  114. Dear Site,

    Few days back I suddenly started feeling weak and fatiguee. My Hemoglobin has falled to 8.5%. Black rounds around the eys are evident. But all other fuctions of organs are in in order. I am afraid.

  115. Yes, manish, sorry to hear that. Even my Priest-friend also is attacked by this blood cancer and was just browsing through to check the symptoms. He is admitted in CMC Hospital Vellore, Tamill Nadu, India. Tat hospital said to be producing a good rate of cured people by their type treatment. try out there and call them up and talk to them. My prayers for everyone affected with this may find a speedy recovery. god bless.

  116. my grand mother is also suffering from blood cancer . her all sister are also suffering from cancer . doctor say that she no live what can i treat her plz tell me

  117. my girl friend has suffered from blood cancer for 15days.is this problem is solved or not.???????

  118. Hi everyone. My girlfriend was diagnosed with the same, leukemia, some 3 days ago. She dumped me after she came to know about her illness and asked me forget her. I don’t know what to do. I want to be with her as long as possible. She doesn’t understand that. And I’m not able to help her in any way possible, moreover I’m making it difficult for her. Please advice me?

  119. hi frnd my wife is i am hvng problum so plz save me

  120. if u want to contact me u ma contact me on radha.joshi007@yahoo.com

  121. all types of cancers are curable by homeopathy. my friend is getting treatment and he is in good condition now.. for more info contact me @ kumar.msgme@yahoo.com

  122. My mother inlaw dignoised with blood cancer’ as she was under treatment in pakistan’ but the doctors could not find out what kind of sicknes’ after finding out’ that she had blood cancer’ passed away in 3 days’ very sad story.

  123. hi! my daughter was diagnosed with leukemia when she was 3 n half, she is now 24 n has a beautiful 5 yr old daughter. the doctors told me she probably wouldnt ever have kids. i try to encourage her to tell her story at the cancer clinic in edmonton but she wont. anyway i just wanted to tell u the story cause miracles do happen.

  124. hi everyone…. my frnd is suffering from one of this blood cancer.. plzzzzzzzzzz me advice me for saving his life.. plzzzzzzz tell me the treatment of this disease.. i m waitig for your reply.. plzz help me…

  125. hi,my name is Ronaldo and my girl friend told me that she has blood cancer in 2nd stage. Her age is 18.she is refusing to tell her parent.i m helpless.how many stages are there in blood cancer?please give me some advice i really love her…i dont want to lose her.my email id is

  126. My brother is diagnosed blood cancer two days ago./ he looks fine otherwise. After he is tested positive whole family is in depression. please tell how long he is going to last. i read 50% people diagnosed and die the same year. ..please let me receive some advise. I want to save his life. my email id id ashok_ca27@yahoo.in

  127. hi friends i m kaushal i am a student as m suffering from blood cancer too…..my doctors told to my parents about how many days i m gonna live even i don’t know about it……i don’t know but i called ma girl friend who loved me very much a bitch and prostitute i don’t say any of this word from my heart but after she just leave me alone…..after that bocz of my symptoms i came to know that through doctors that m suffering from cancer….nw i filled with so much guilt i just want to say sorry to her i just want that she will firgive me only…i m not going to tell aby of this to my gf…….but she’s even don’t want to talk to me m suffering frm guilt feeling too please pray for me only that i want from her please forgive me please

  128. im 14 im sick n im bleeding from my mouth im not eating n my nose was bleeding n i cant breath that much i feel week my stomach n my back n my throught hurts my heart hurts but have not went to the hospital n i dont know if im just sick …

  129. u can reach me at my other e-mail address julissadelsolar@yahoo.com i will rilly want to know if im oky

  130. hi,my father is suferin frm one of these blood cancer and he has been taken to india for treatment but de stil sayin dat he may dead.So my question goes by sayin,so alone cancer can not be treated or what?please i need de answer and more sujestion on how it will be treated without sayin dat he may dead.answer please.contact me with this for de answer Anderson_uzoeto@yahoo.com tanks

  131. hi..my gf z also having diz kind of probz.Today she told me to forget her and to be happy.I dont know what to do.shez telling dat she have the all the symtoms.Im helplz..I want to know a better treatment for her bcz i cant live without her.plzzz tell me a way?? I WANT HER IN MY LIFE!!! WILL SHE GET WELL???????? :(

  132. Hi i am suffering from anemia from few months and my blood cells are also not normal.doctor told me its infection meanwhile i suffer from huge headache from 1 month which is increased sometimes and my bp get down like 50 and m also having weaknes i want to know m i suffring with bloodcancer

  133. hi… my best friend affected blood cancer.now he was no more . he does not know the symptoms . he was admitted for fever . doctors find out the disease in night at june 24th. he was dead at 25th june morning by attack fix .we will miss wonderful fnd . i want just share my feelings .thanks to everyone to read this… thanks once again. . .

  134. hi im Zara n my lovers name is Ashif,im also a 22 year old blood cancer patient,i am suffering day by day,its gettin worser n worser,im not afraid of death but im afraid I may leave my Ashif,my Ashif is the best man who can care for me better than anyone els in this world,without me he will be very much in pain…plz plz pray that I should live for my darling Ashif….i love him so much…..

  135. I want to live…
    Plz pray fr me n Ashif

  136. To God ,be all the glory. He said by the stripes of Jesus’s Christ we are healed. I have experienced the illness and somedays are better than others,but the only thing that keeps me strong and encouraged is knowing that God never put more on me than I can bare. I have 5 children and 4 grand babies, I’m 40yrs young with a lot of life to give and live. You see God called me to be a life giver, when you have God, you have life &life abundantly.no dealing with cancer is not easy, but you can make it when you trust Gods word. He can’t lie,so believe his word and live.faith in God,will give u hope for life. Keeping you all in my prayers.

  137. hi everyone am also a leaukamia patient,doctors have also given me a time for my life..please pray..i have one child,married but my wife left me after I was diagnosed…Zara Ashif..i will pray for you so u can live for your love as your a loving wife…your husband is very Lucky…plz pray I should live as I want to live for my Son….God bless u Zara and others who hav posted…

  138. i’m MOHIT.my girl friend is suffuring frm one of these three blood cancers. can any body tell me whether it can be healed or is there any tratment for this? i can do anything to save her so pllz tell me any cure. she’s still 25 years old..plz,send me some advice, plllllzzzzzzzz……….AND IF HOW MANY YEAR THAT MEN LIVE MOSTY, AND WHT EFFECT DO IN MARGE LIFE..
    email me at:MOHIT.SAM@GMAIL.COM

  139. hi my sister suffering from blood cancer,,,she told me that she need d transmission of blood its stage 1,,,wil she be fine if it will be successful and with the continues medication?


  140. Dear Sehwag I pray u shall get well soon for ur son….n all others….plz pray for me n Ashif…i want to live n I dont want to die,even if I dont text him for few hours,my Ashif gets worried,i dont kno wht he will do wivout me…plz guys pray for us…n Sehwag…a correction,im lucky to get a husband like Ashif…..

  141. And Lyn ur sis is only at stage 1…she will hopefuly b cured,u kno kp giving her as much confidence as u can,dats de best boost to make one b cured…coz dats,wht my husband does to me…he boosts my confidence n builds my hopes…n u kno im in the final stages,yet I live happily coz dat much support n care I recv from my husbd…he is evr so caring..n now evn I hv hope in my life…ur sis is only in stage one….com on….relax…will kp her in my prayers…Zara

  142. Why am i always scratch my body

  143. hello every body its me shrawan regmi from dang nepal ,
    my girlfriend is suffering from blood cancer, i love her very much she is just 18 yrs old, give me a sugession 2 help her, how can i help her? 4sugession mail me

  144. hey, my one of gud frnd is sufrng from blood cancer, and she dnt wnt to die now, she is in frist stage..she is only 19 years old. plz tell me wat can i do for her? .I want to know a better treatment for her..plz help me.

  145. At which stage does blood vomiting start?is it cured or not plz tell me the fact …

  146. Hi,
    I want to help…

    introduce her Jesus Christ, Because he is our Great Doctor… tall her to believe and accept Jesus in her life ans she will be save…

    Im praying for her complete healing… God Bless you and your Good friend..


  147. hello,
    my boyfriend have blood cancer, dnt knw the type, just knw he is at the 2nd stage. he had gone through one blood transplantation. he don’t tell me much abt it and always tell me to change the topic whnevr i want to knw. since we r in long distance relation, i m all dependent on his calls n txts. its been two days he hav not called me.. i’m so worried. how should i behave and talk so that he can tell me what he is goin thru without gettin hurt. how to support him morally? plz mail at- megha011288@yahoo.com
    your help is appreciated

  148. my 10 year old cousin has blood cancer is their a treatment for it yet


  150. hew i am emaan i want to know the symptoms of blood cancer-causing coz i feel dat i m suffering dat kinda prblms lyk having headache,weakness,muscular pain back bone pain bleed through nose and temerature etc plz tell me is it a sign of blood cancer my fb id is shayanemaan@yahoo.com ans me here

  151. Sum of the symptoms matches with my gf.. She’s only 17.. She doesn’t want to go to the doctors.. I am worried sick.. I just can’t watch her die.. Plz plz.. Help me.. At which stage does blood vomiting start? Plz.. I cant live without her.. I’ll die.. Plz.

  152. to all the people who have blood cancer god is still in charge

  153. hi
    m manpreet . my bf sherry. he is sufferinf from blood cancer. i love him vry much . i can’t live without her . plz every one prayer for him . plzzzzzzzzzzzz. i want to loss him. bcz i love him.

  154. my girl friend is suffuring frm a blood cancer.can any body tell me whether it can be healed or is there any trtmnt 4 it plzzzzz tell me plzzzz

  155. m manpreet, sherry is my life, plz prayer for him , i dnt wanna lose my sherry, i will do everything for my sherry, give any information of blood cancer plz tell me on my contact num 7696133819 and email id = mahi.sohal55@gmail.com , m worried abt sick. sherry bleeding from his mouth,nose,eyes.nd voumting many times in day.and sherry said me manu plz leave me . bt i cant bcz sherry is my life. plz prayer for my sherry plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  156. For all those Suffering from this Disease :

    “The things which are impossible with men are possible with God. – Luke 18 : 27 ”

    Say this Verse again and again. Sure u will receive 100% cure from GOD…..

    • To all these people wondering if they or their boyfriend/girlfriend has cancer GO TO THE DOCTOR! You really think you can wait around for some random person on the internet to tell you whats wrong? – are you crazy!
      And so called “GOD” isnt going to cure shit, wake up people!

  157. hey im organic chemistry student and we r supposed to use carcinogenic chemicals in our lab,so i get frequent headache,fatigue and sleeplessness.

  158. Hi I’m Tanner and when I was 3 I was diagnosed with leukemia. In little words it sucked. I coundnt do like anything and see many people in the beginning. But now I’m 14 and I’m a normal kid I do everything a normal kid can do I was off my leukemia when I was 7. Thanks for reading

  159. hhi.
    my mom’s been ill for a litl tym dtrz say v less or else she doesnt tell me i m only 16. please cud anybdi tell dat da droppng of platelets wbcs and HB wat typ of blood disease is this? i l b waitng fr da reply by da site. thanku.

  160. hiiiiiii
    my friend’s dad had blood cancer and he died…is it hereditary or he is at risk of having blood cancer..sometime he has blood in his sputum and sometime when he coughed blood came……please reply me as soon as possible..thnksss

  161. look i love a girl more than my life and she loves me too but she told me that she is suffering from blood cancer and left with 5 or 6 months,mm soooo wooried plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help me plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz i cnt live without her

  162. My friend was amited in hospital for ill, results shows that he got dungu fever, his platelet count showing very low, 1 week before he vomiting blood.. his body weight also lose… and he having some symtems mentioned above.Doctor prescribe to get Consult Dr. Murthy (Regional Cancer Center). he also suffering that kind problems like having headache,weakness,muscular pain back bone pain bleed through nose and temperature etc plz tell me is it a sign of blood cancer..? doesn’t want to go to the doctors.. I am worried.. I just can’t watch him at this stage…. Plz pray for my friend… I’m Sure u will receive 100% cure from GOD…

  163. Adia said on May 23, 2012

    Hi kaushal dont worry mate I know it is veary difficult time for u but trust me she will forgive u .as my best friends’s boyfriend has blood cancer and he had told same thing about my friend 10 year ago. After 10 year he called her and ask for forgivness she finally forgive him

  164. hello, every body
    i m hemant of 17 years age . From last one month there is hair falling prob , my weight is lost by 8 kg now i m only 48 kg. 4-5 times i have got blead from mouth . Is it the symtoms of cancer . Pls someone rply. My email id is hemant4447@gmail.com

  165. My one n only beloved’s name is moon. sometime bleeding with vomiting. can some one say how I can sure about her disease. her email id; misschakraborty@yahoo.com

  166. amj said on June 8, 2012

    i just wish to every one who is suffering from any kind of disease,God help them….i pray for them from the bottom of my heart…can not read that really pain full reality……GOD PLEASE HELP US PLEASE….

  167. hi i am roshan i have this symptoms. what to do i dont know. when i read the symptoms of the blood cancer i was socked i have my wife also but i did’t tell her because i loved her so much i was only 22 years old plzzzzzzzzzzzz tel me what to do till now m not going to check up also

  168. My girl friend is suffering from blood cancer. Proper treatment , (like operation, medi. And radiation) is giving to her and her age is 20.
    Please tell me how much she can live? Is this possible can live normal life?
    Please tell me .. I really love her and think to marry her.
    Email me on saradmishra28@gmail.com

  169. Assalam-u-alaikum, am 19 yrs old and i have nearly all the symptoms… I dunno what to do… Today is my b’day and i just pray to Allah SWT that He Let me live until i have had my sins forgiven….
    Just want to say one thing, dont worry about this too much… We all have to die one day… Death needs just a reason to come and meet us… And Death is the first step to meet your Lord…

    I end this with a verse from the Glorious Quran, ” Kullu Nafsin Zaikatul Maut”. Translation: “Every soul shall have a tase of Death”.

    Take care, Allahafiz :)

  170. Hi,

    I am not a doctor but i am willing to help anyone who has cancer with the informations I have been sorting out so far.

    I have personally been researching on herbals for a while now. I cant say i have the herbal cure to Cancer. But certain herbals i know about may help improve the cancer to betterment. Depending on the patient’s situation i will guide them via mail. And yes feel free to contact me as my informations will be free of charge.


  171. hellow ,
    i can’t evaluate that i have a cancer
    becoz some symtoms are going with me like
    bleeding from nose and mouth,headacqe,body pain,difficulty in breathing and skin colour
    can you please tell me.
    a hummble request.

  172. my grandfathewr is suffering from biood cancer i want to know that in this treatment person is saved or not the stage of biood cancer in grandfather is 1 stage please heip me out

  173. hi people,
    this is safia i m in new yorks hospital now i have blood cancer and doctors lost all the hopes for me my family dont even care.so pls pray for me as i just have this month in my hand.hope evry1 gets better and not come in my stage and state

  174. I just wanted to know,…since many days my tooth gums are bleeding, i have a very bad bad hair fall then cough and cold(while coughing i get very bad chest pain), feeling week( might be am working 16 hrs in a day), joint pain, nerves pain, swellening, back pain( cant stand or sit for long time). Can anyone help me out what is this exactly happening with me or what does this indicates???? Please Please help me.

  175. Hi
    i m hemlal from nepal i have chest pain , cough,back pain,abdomail pain, headache, sweating day time or night tine,not sleep properly, join pain ,sometime blood mixed in gums. All above the symptoms i m admitted in (Aiims) in india. This hospital diagonises idiopathaic hyperesonoplia syndrom and giveing storied (wysolen) but i m not felling better till now . Shall i suffering from (luekimia) blood cancer.plz if u give suitable advise i m being greatful of u .

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