Causes Of ADHD

ADHD or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is generally thought to be a genetic disorder. Although the exact cause for this disease is still unknown. Some of the causes that can result in ADHD can be genetic, injury in brain, improper nutrition etc.

Causes Of ADHD:
The causes of ADHD can be divided as Prenatal and Postnatal causes. They are:

Prenatal Causes:
Prenatal causes are acquired ones. It is presumed that during pregnancy period these might have been acquired. They are:

  • Smoking Mother: If the mother had the habit of smoking cigarette and she has done so during her pregnancy period also then there is a risk for the baby to develop ADHD.
  • Alcohol Consumption During Pregnancy: If mother has consumed alcohol on regular basis during pregnancy then it can also result in the disease of ADHD.
  • Premature Birth: If the baby is born before the actual time of birth; it means the duration of nine months was not completed. So if the baby is prematurely borned then also there is a risk for developing this disease.

Postnatal Causes:
Postnatal causes are those which are caused after the birth of the baby. These are:

  • Injury On Head/Trauma: Any serious injury in the head due some accident or mishap can result in ADHD.
  • Brain Hypoxia: If the brain does not oxygen in sufficient amount for a longer duration of time then it termed as brain hypoxia. This can be due to drowning or some other type of mishap.

What Causes ADHD:
There are various theories about what causes ADHD. Some of them are:

  • Environmental agents could cause ADHD. This is because the studies have proved that the intake of alcohol or cigarettes can result in ADHD disease. Apart from this any kind of exposure to toxic even after the birth or in early childhood stage of the patient can also result in this disease.
  • Food additives and sugar can also result in ADHD. It has been found that sugar or food additives can cause ADHD. Using sugar without knowing about its ingredients or additives added to it can result in such disease.
  • Genetics has been considered as one of the main reasons for this disease.

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