Asbestos Lung Cancer

As the name indicates the asbestos lung cancer is the result of excessive asbestos contact. It is found mainly in workers who are engaged in manufacturing units.

There might be a 20 years long period difference between the asbestos contact and the cancer cells and tumor growth.

How it happens?
Fifteen percent of the people who have asbestos lung cancer do not show up the symptoms. The symptoms which might be seen early in the patients are:

  • Cough
  • Chest pain
  • Sudden weight loss
  • Red or brown colored phlegm

The symptoms might get intensified and the person go weak day-by-day. The person might visit a doctor in this condition to rectify the presence of cancer cells.

Asbestos lung cancer and smoking
One might get asbestos lung cancer if he or she is continuously contacted to asbestos. But the chances are more when the person has the habit of smoking.

Treating asbestos lung cancer
The asbestos cancer might be treated with the help of medications, surgeries and therapies.

The primary treatments include:
Surgery: The asbestos lung cancer is treated with the help of a surgery to remove the tumors found in the lungs.

Chemotherapy: It might be done with the help of chemotherapeutic pills and injections to destroy the cancer cells.

Radiation: This is the same radiation treatment which is done to any kind of cancer in order to stop the proliferation of the cancer cells.

Photodynamic therapy: The photodynamic therapy is carried out by using light. The light is passed through the cancer cells after injecting a chemical solution to the bloodstream.

Who are at risk?
The people who are working in the mines, factories, mills, asbestos processing units etc are at a great risk to get asbestos lung cancer.

The workers who are in excess contact with asbestos might also get asbestos lung cancer. They are:

  • Workers in the automotive repairing centers
  • Workers in the boiler making industry
  • Construction workers
  • Pipe fitters
  • Asbestos cloth cleaning workers

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  1. Treatment may then be limited to easing the symptoms. Treatment decisions in lung cancer depend on whether SCLC or NSCLC. Treatment options for lung cancer include :

    1. Chemotherapy is an anti cancer drugs are given to stop cancer cells from multiplying. This treatment is most effective for small cell carcinoma.

    2. Surgery to remove the affected part of the lung or an entire lung. This offers the best chance of cure if the cancer has not spread beyond the lungs.

    3. Radiotherapy use of x-rays to target and kill cancer cells. It may be used against some early stage lung cancers and to stop cancer in the lymph nodes from spreading further.

    4. Targeted therapy is use of small molecules, often in tablet form that may be used after chemotherapy.

    5. Clinical trials is a participation in a clinical trial that investigates the safety and effectiveness of novel drugs may be offered.

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  2. lung cancer can be avoided if you stay out of air pollutants like some chemicals and tobacco smoke.

  3. lung cancer is almost alway caused by heavy cirgarette smoking”-“

  4. when you smoke too much, then you are at risk from lung cancer so stay away from developing a bad habit of cigarette smoking –“

  5. Good article. I just wanted to add to the list of people at risk. Firefighters, plumbers, teachers and others are at risk: http://www.weitzlux.com/Asbestos-risk-occupations_1962762.html

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