Are you Facing Mid Life Crisis?

Feel like having an affair?, confused about self?, prefer to be alone?, avoid your spouse and work?, giving it to alcoholism? In short, feel like run away somewhere and start life afresh? Don’t wonder how I am letting it out in words so precisely and easily which you are not able to, all these days. It’s mid-life crisis. Go through this article and feel better, or may be relieved.

What is mid-life crisis?
Mid-life crisis is a normal process of maturity, as life takes its course. It is often experienced between the ages of 40 and 60. The experiences we have initially during this phase are depression with past, confusion with present, and desire to start life afresh in future. As is the case with any other stages of life, it is knowledge about that phase of our life which helps us to successfully pass that stage. So, what are the stages of mid-life crisis?

Stages of Mid-life crisis?

  • Realization that we were not our true self ever and have been a person “fitting in” to others expectations.
  • Giving up our previous identity.
  • A brief span of time where we lack any self identity.
  • Discovering our new identity, close to our true self.
  • Taking ownership and accepting the undesirable aspects of our identity.

How to deal with Mid-life crisis?
For many ( I mean the ignorant lot), a mid-life crisis is the scariest nightmare they ever had. But when looked at it objectively, Mid-life crisis is a wonderful event that nature has ordained in our life. It is a part of the ever – lasting process of learning about our true self and flush out from time to time all the unwanted aspects hindering our progress in life.

It is primarily a test of our character. Mid-life crisis provide us an excellent opportunity to prove our self-worth when we are neck-deep with all the responsibilities one can fathom at any other stage of life.

The choice is always ours. Either to blow it up with ignorance and excuses or know midlife crisis, reject the prevalent perception about it and form our own, and successfully come over it.

Last but not the least, mid-life crisis is about “ageing beautifully, and gracefully”.

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  1. i am going through a bad phase in my marriage. now i feel better equipped to deal with this crisis.

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