West china reports second plague death

In the recent outbreak of pneumonic plague in north-western china, two people have died.

The second plague death was reported when a 37 year old man was died in Ziketan, near Xinghai in Quinghai Province. The place is meagerly populated and most of the people in this area are Tibetans.

The pneumonic plague can be spread from person to person. It can be also affected from animals to people. The people suffering from this might have fever, headache, and shortness of breath.

The local officials in the north-western china have told the BBC that the situation is under control and schools and offices are working as usual.
The officials said that they have sealed the Ziketan area which has 10,000 residents.

Officials are not giving permission to anyone to leave the area. The local health bureau has also cautioned anyone with cough or fever who has visited the town since mid-July to seek medical treatment.

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