Students drink on Birthdays

The students are celebrating their birthday by drinking. The students are not bothered to gulp down 21 drinks in order to honor their birthdays.

The trend is increasing day-by-day. The college students in the country have found nothing better than drinking to celebrate their birthday.

Thirty-four percent of the boys and 24 percent of the girls say they drink 21 drinks or more to celebrate their birthdays. A new study has found this.

The study was conducted after taking 2,518 University of Missouri students for the study.

The 35 percent of the women and almost half of the men reported drinking enough to have had a blood-alcohol level of 0.26 or more. The rate is close to 0.30 at which the brain stops telling the body to breathe.

The drinking games are popular among the youngsters. Some of them are “21 for 21”, “drink your age”, “the power” etc. The birthday boy or girl drinks 21 drinks between midnight and 1am on his or her birthday eve.

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