KFC under hammer for brain damage in a girl from chicken twister

A seven year old healthy girl was mutilated and brain damaged from salmonella poisoning after eating a chicken twister from Kentucky Fried Chicken.

The girl has sued KFC for $10 million for crippling and brain damage caused by the salmonella in the chicken twister.

Monica Samaan, who is now 11, has filed a suit seeking $10 million in damages for acquired spastic quadriplegia and acquired profound intellectual disability and liver dysfunction.

It was told to the Supreme Court that Monica’s condition was caused by salmonella on the chicken she ate from a KFC outlet at Villa wood store in Melbourne, Australia.

It is projected as a best example for the unsetting and disturbing practices in the kitchen operated by KFC at its villa wood store.

It was also told to the Supreme Court that a 16-year old boy working at the shop would provide evidence that part of his job was to remove “feathers, blood, and foreign objects from the chicken before it was cooked”.

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  1. wow that is really bad i will never eat from that place again. This girl obviously will never get her life back and she sued to little i would have put KFC out of business

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