Sen. Dodd has prostate cancer

Sen. Christopher J Dodd told that he had prostate cancer. The cancer was in an early treatable form that he would go ahead with the re-election campaign. He disclosed the fact on Friday. Dodd 65 has a five year term.

It was found out during a blood test for the annual check up. A biopsy was done after that and it confirmed the prostate cancer.

He is expected to undergo an operation to remove the prostate in this month. He would take a few weeks to recover at home.

He attended the office with his wife and opined that the cancer is a very slow-growing and best one to have because it is manageable. He formed this opinion by discussing it with the doctors while he was under treatment.

Mr. Dodd’s announcement was a surprise to the politicians and it gained sympathy of many people. It has made all the questions unimportant regarding how the cancer will affect his politics.

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