FDA to re-inspect Allston plant

Genzyme Corp. has reopened its drug production section after a virus has affected the production. The Allston landing plant was closed due to a virus attack in the production of two drugs. The US inspectors will visit the drug plant to ensure safety.

The shares of Genzyme tumbled 7.75 percent on Nasdaq after the company disclosed that the Food and Drug Administration was concerned about the problems.

The FDA will assess the recent closure of the plant after the virus detection. The virus was found in the production equipment of the plant.

The drug plant has resumed production of biotech drugs for rare genetic disorders.

The Genzyme spokesman told the FDA will address two issues. The first one is the follow-on to inspections last fall and this spring. The second is the examination of the steps that the company is taking to sterilize the bioreactors and other equipments.

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