Decimated health budgets create challenges

The outbreak of a pandemic like swine flu in a recession hit economy makes it challenging for the government and the top officials in the health department.

The US government on Friday began distributing millions of dollars to help the states which are affected with H1N1 virus. The health budgets of the country are in a cleaned out condition.

Dr. Thomas Freiden, director of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said that for a pandemic to come in this economy is enormously challenging. He also said that we would have chosen a different time for the H1N1 virus to come.

The CDC spokesman told that $260 million was on the way to the states, as part of a $350 million package of federal grants announced on July 10 to help the country prepare for the worst conditions. The remaining $90 million is for hospitals.

The cuts and layoffs in the budgets had hit the states and local public health agencies. The volunteers are highly encouraged by the health officials.

The condition is expected to be complex in the autumn season.

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