Say bye-bye to heart problems with raw garlic

A fresh study has found that raw and crushed garlic is best for heart. The scientists also say that cooked and processed garlic might not give you the best result when compared to the smelly and raw garlic.

The study has been done by US scientists.

The health benefits of garlic known for centuries. The cardiovascular health benefits of garlic have been disclosed in a study by the University Of Connecticut School Of Medicine. The university claimed the first scientific confirmation about the raw garlic which is powerful for heart related problems.

The raw garlic is preferred because it has hydrogen sulfide in it. The garlic looses hydrogen sulfide when it is dried, processed or cooked.

The crushed garlic relaxes the blood vessels when consumed directly. The garlic is so helpful because of the antioxidants present in it.

The study was conducted in rats for 30 days.

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  1. Yet and another string to the garlic bow. Garlic really is a wonder herb but gets a bad reputation because of the smell. More people need to be aware of its benefits.

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