Diabetic diet made flexible

A study says the diabetic diet might be made flexible. This might give relief to the people who are undergoing strict diet.

The patients might feel frightened when they hear the diet procedures. The lifestyle changes and low-fat diet are helpful to control the cholesterol levels.

The diabetic diet might be regulated by several eating tools like ‘counting carbs’ and ‘create-your-plate method’. These help to make sections of your meals by two small and one large. The large portion must include non-starchy vegetables. Starchy foods and meat might come on the other two portions.

Ann Albright, the director of Centers for Disease Control says, ‘asking diabetics to stick to rigid diets over a period usually doesn’t work’.

It is vital for new persons who are detected with diabetes to know better about the carbohydrates, fat, and proteins. They should understand how they are related with diabetes.

A diabetic must know how to regulate the glucose in the blood before and after meals. The before meals levels are 70 to 130 and 180 one to two hours after meals.

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