W.H.O. confirm more than 800 swine flu death

The World Health Organization confirmed the fact that swine flu deaths have crossed 800. To be specific the people died of swine flu around the globe has come up to 816.

As per the last Mondayai??i??s report, W.H.O. states that most of the deaths are reported from South America.

707 deaths are reported from the United States. South Asia is in the second position with 44 deaths.Ai?? Europe is in the third position with 34 and the western pacific region is 4th with 30 deaths.

The total people affected with swine flu virus worldwide are 134,503. The real number might be much higher than this.

Swine flu has its influence on more than 20 countries. Apart from US, it is also present in Afghanistan, Bhutan, Haiti, Botswana, Namibia, Sudan, Solomon Islands etc.

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