Rapid exercise to reduce Cancer death

A latest study has found out that rapid exercises will reduce the risk of cancer death. The study has done by some researchers in London.

As per the study, it is advisable for people to do exercise briskly for half an hour everyday to decrease the chances of cancer death. People might do swimming, rowing, jogging, play squash, football etc to keep the cancer away and to avoid dying from cancer. You might not reduce the exercise at least by one minute to get the best results. The criterion is exact 30 minutes.

The study was conducted by the universities of Kuopio and Oulu in Finland. The conductors of the study suppose that rapid exercises are best to lower the risk of cancer especially lung cancer and gastrointestinal cancers.

The study was conducted in 2560 men who are between the age of 42 and 61 without cancer history.


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