Jackson’s death day the Saddest for Bloggers

Scientists say that the saddest day for the bloggers was the day when the King of pop Michael Jackson died.

The scientists have computed a method to quantify the happiness of millions of bloggers. They have found that the saddest day for bloggers was the day when Jackson died and the happiest day for the bloggers was the US presidential elections in four years.

A mathematician and a computer scientist called Peter Dodds and Chris Dan forth from the Advanced Computing Center at the University of Vermont has headed the study. They developed a sensor to mine 2.3 million blogs and collected the number of sentences which started with “I feel” and “I am feeling”. A particular score was given to every sentence.

The device is called “hedonometer”. The hedonometer proved the US Election Day which was in November as the happiest. The sentences which were taken into consideration were those including the word “proud”.

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