Top 10 Ways to Boost our Relationships

It takes two for a tango, but one, to take the initiative. Ai??Begin with these steps:

  • Know yourself first. Clear knowledge about your feelings, needs, and expectations from others leaves no room for confusion when you try to effectively communicate.
  • Acknowledge your vices and appreciate the patience your partner has shown you until now.
  • Assure change to your partner in the areas of expectancy.Ai?? It will be a welcoming step forward.
  • Respect the person your partner is and accept her true self. Expecting her to be the one you prefer is damaging, to say the least.
  • Sympathy is not enough. Empathize with her feelings.
  • LISTEN , first. Let there be some golden moments of silence. Speak, but with an intent of collaboration rather than competition.
  • Take the initiative to talk about matters of conflict without an attitude and to resolve them mutually.
  • Prioritize your work so that you make sure you have time for him and exclusively for him.
  • Itai??i??s hard, but be respectful and grateful for what you possess. Express this thought in words of gratitude to your partner to replace complaints from your life.
  • Be creative or be resourceful in finding ways to surprise her. Cook for her, sing for her, be cheerful and graceful when she expects it the least from you.

When we are committed to boosting a relationship, it is the mental preparation required which we do not pay attention to primarily and find challenging later. It costs us dearly.

Tips to prepare ourselves mentally before we commit ourselves to boosting a relationship:

  • You will have homework to do, regularly.
  • You will not get results right away.
  • There will be times when you will be treated unfairly, and you need to handle your emotional self separately without any sympathy.
  • Forget about appreciation or acknowledgment, at least initially.
  • Self-motivation will be an asset, undoubtedly.
  • Leave your ego way behind, please.

After being mentally prepared for the aforementioned challenges, one can put a conscious effort into boosting a relationship. Finally, we need to realize that relationships are not to be with people we want. Ai??They are to be the person others want to be with.

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