Stomach upsets no more a symptom of autism

A recent study discloses that the gastrointestinal problems which were treated as the symptoms of autism in children are no more the symptoms of autism. It is stated in the journal Pediatrics.

At the same time, constipation and feeding disorders might be common in the children with autism.

The study was conducted in 121 cases with autism and 242 without autism. The experts did not find any unusual stomach issues in children with autism when compared to the others. So it is confirmed that there is no relation between autism and bowel movement patterns.
In rare cases children with autism might have inflammatory conditions in the stomach.

But it is evident that the children with autism have higher constipation and feeding issues rate of 34 and 25 percent respectively. The children without autism just had 18 and 16 percent respectively.

So the study makes it irrelevant to treat stomach upsets in children with autism to get better.

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