Probiotics to treat children’s cold

A study which occurred in China, it was found that the bacteria present naturally in the human body added to the diet and supplements might treat common cold in children. The bacteria are called probiotics.

The probiotics is a mixture of milk which small children in China drank during the study. The children who drink this milk twice in day might need no antibiotics and they are unlikely to miss the school due to cold. A comparative study was done on the children who drink this milk and those who drink plain milk twice in a day.

The study was conducted in China on 326 children who are between the age of 3 and 5.

The children who have undergone the probiotics treatment were 32 percent less absent from school and day care when compared to the others.

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  1. This is great news! I always enjoy hearing about the ways that probiotics are being shown to help people. Our little boy has been helped dramatically with his Eczema and food sensitivities by taking the Vidazorb children’s chewable probiotics! He is so much better and it has been amazing :)

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