It is spending time for overweighed Americans

A study has revealed that the obese people in America spend more than 42 percent on health care when compared to the rest of the population. The study is based on the records of the year 2006.

A recent study published in the journal Health Affairs based on the year 2008 statistics reveal that Americans spend an estimated amount of $147 billion in a year. This amount will come around 10 percent of total medical expenditure of the whole country. It means the over weighed people in the country spend around $1429 more on health related needs. The whole expenditure of the rest will come around $3400.

A huge portion of the spent money is to pay out the prescribed drug bills which are necessary to manage obesity-related conditions.

Obesity and diabetes are the mostly found health problems in the country. The doctors say the conditions are getting worse in an accelerated rate.

Source: nytimes

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