First swine flu death in Saudi Arabia, Israel and Egypt

Saudi Arabia reported its first swine flu death when a man died after fighting with swine flu on Monday.

The man was 30 years when he died in a private hospital.

The number of swine flu affected people has crossed 300 as per the health ministry os Saudi.

At the same time, the health ministry of Israel has reported the first swine flu death of the country.

It happened when a 35 year old man died in the weekend in the Red Sea Resort city of Eliat.

In another case of swine flu death which is reported in the Middle East, a woman who was returning from Mecca died in a hospital in Egypt. She was 25 year old. There is no evidence from where she got the swine flu virus in her body.

As per World Health Organization, the swine flu cases has crossed 800 mark worldwide.

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