Allergy Drugs to diminish Obesity and Diabetes

A study conducted by Harvard Medical School researchers has found that the common allergy medications have a direct relation with type-2 diabetes and obesity. It is said that the researchers are now trying to combine the study to get more favorable outcomes.

The initial research has been done on the mice.

In the research it is found that a kind of white blood cell called a regulatory T cell acts as a liaison between the metabolic and immune systems. It might control the inflammation in fat tissue. Fat tissue from mice was collected for the study.

The researchers suspect that they are going to develop a new biomedical discipline called immunometabolism. The papers based on this are published on the latest issue of the Nature Medicine.

Type-1 diabetes is an autoimmune disease in which pancreas is hit by the immune system. At the same time type-2 diabetes is a pure metabolic condition. This induces the researchers to find more type-2 diabetes in perspective of immune function.

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