26 new swine flu cases in Mississippi

The Mississippi State Health Department reported 26 new swine flu cases. This is published in the last week’s H1N1 report of the MSHD.

Now the state total of swine flu cases has reached 260 marks.

As per Dr. Mary Currier, an epidemiologist the conventional anti-viral medications are effective for treating swine flu. The patients’ bodies respond well to these medications.

The people who are at high risk are pregnant women, elderly people, children and people who are taking medications for chronic diseases.

Officials have warned people to take preventive measures not to get the H1N1 virus. Keeping the hands clean is the first thing. Use a medicated hand wash or use an alcohol based hand sanitizer. Use a tissue while coughing. Wash your hands after you are done with coughing. Try to avoid contact with the person who has swine flu. Stay indoors so that you will not spread the virus.

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