How Gray hair can prevent cancer?

Gray hair is disturbing. It reminds us that the clock is ticking. After the spring of youth, summer of middle age, now it is time for the winter of old age. This article is meant to make you feel better. Scientists are of the opinion that gray hair can protect you from cancer.

What is Gray Hair?

  • The natural color of our hair is black because our body produces a substance called melanocytes which is black in color.
  • The continuous production of melanocytes in our body is done by stem cells to keep the hair black and shining.
  • All living organisms which are multi-cellular have stem cells.
  • The unique ability of stem cells is that they can re-new themselves. They are thus the repair system of our body replacing the damaged cells of our body from time to time with healthy ones.
  • The decline in the stem cells leads to insufficient production of melanocytes leading to the hair losing its natural color and turn grey instead.

About Cancer:
Cancer is, to put it plainly, the abnormal functioning of the cells in our body. The abnormality can be uncontrolled growth of cells in a region, destruction of healthy cells in a region or spreading of cells to other regions of the body and causing cell imbalance in that region through blood .

The relationship between gray hair and cancer:

  • Exposure to harmful radiations of sun is one of the prime processes by which stem cells can decline in human body. Thus, it leads to non production of healthy stem cells.
  • But the interesting finding is that exposure of hair to radiation also stops the growth of potentially dangerous damaged stem cells leading to cancer along with healthy stem cells.
  • In this way, the process of hair turning gray can prevent the growth of cancerous cells in our body.
  • Other process by which the stem cells decline naturally is aging.

These facts were recently learnt after a research was conducted in Tokyo on mice. When they were exposed to radiation and chemicals that are harmful to stem cells, it leads to their hair turn gray. However, scientists are also believed that this discovery is not a sure cut method to treat cancer.

Now that itai??i??s a proven fact that the process of hair turning gray prevent us from as deadly a disease as cancer, we can stop cursing them every morning in front of the mirror.

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