Rich countries can snap up more supplies of swine flu vaccine

Governments of different countries are rushing to buy up hundreds of millions of doses of swine flu vaccine. The only concern about this situation is that poor countries may left back with limited amount of doses as rich countries corner strictly limited supply.

According to WHO’s estimation, the world’s lab will only be able to produce around 900 million doses per year for the H1N1 virus. Though global pharmaceutical companies are more positive in their approach.

There are already evidences that shows rich countries will grab up more than their fare share, while countries like Africa, Asia and Latin America will struggle to secure their basic share.

United States has already kept aside at least a billion dollars to get hold of this vaccine while Britain plans to protect at least half of its 60 million population by the start of next year.

In case of France, it has already placed an order for 94 million doses and a choice for 36 million more. It aspires to protect each and every member of its population by the starting of this October.

Australia like other rich countries has also ordered enough vaccine for its 21 million population. It has been said that much of the production is already reserved.

If this is the situation then the potential stock of the vaccine will soon finish and price will also rice. Pharmaceutical firms are trying to rise their capacity to produce the vaccine as soon the tests are confirmed, and hope to release the stocks in late September or Early October.

But it’s been said that even if they manage to develop double the expected 900 million vaccine per year, it would still fall short to protect every individual on the planet from the virus.

To curb this problem, WHO is negotiating with vaccine producers to secure donations or sales at lower prices for developing countries, while richer nations are being asked to donate some of their vaccine stocks.

Source – AFP

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