Peers should teach prevention for HIV

Young people are the ones who has the highest risk of getting affected by HIV virus. According to a new research in united States, African -American adolescents have some of the highest rates of HIV infection in the United States.

A study in North Carolina has come out with a result that shows 85 percent of HIV/AIDS cases occur among African -Americans. In this young African – Americans make up 61 percent of the HIV cases among people under age 25.

The study got published in the latest issue of the journal
Progress in Community Health Partnerships: Research, Education and Action. During the study, the researchers also asked young people about different types of community – based HIV intervention programs which can work best in reaching their peer group.

The research included four focus groups with 38 young African-Americans between ages 16 and 24. One finding of the focus groups was that young people should be trained to become peer educators as they can get more attention and time from other youth than an adult educator would.

The researchers believe that to educate them about preventing the disease should include the help of their adolescent peers. This would help a different approach to the disease as the information is provided by young to their peers. This type of approach helps to break the taboos and create a better communication.

Source – Health Behavior News Service

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