Five ways of buying clothes for tall women

Tall women often find it tough to get clothes according to their desires and fit. Either the sleeves are too short or shoulders are too narrow. It becomes a nightmare for a tall woman to shop for herself. However there are certain tricks that can change this nightmare into dream. The tricks are very simple and easy. There are some 5 basic steps a tall woman should follow while picking up an attire for her.

  • Body type is an important factor which should be kept in mind While buying clothes for tall women. Some may have tall torsos while some are tall due to long legs. Knowing one’s body type helps in getting the perfect fit.
  • Next is to find out inseam measures. Usually apparel manufacturers make pants for tall women with inseams running from about 32 inches to 36 inches. Some of them also come un-hemmed so that the buyers can hemm them up to a length to their desires.
  • Avoid picking up clothes specifically made for tall women. Try to pick up clothes with more generous cut that includes more length in sleeves or pant legs. This will also give an individual a chance to wear something that she liked, but didn’t pick up as it was not made for tall women.
  • Blouses with rolled sleeves or cuffs is another choice in the list. Cuffs and rolled sleeves can be rolled down to make the sleeves long in case of tall women.
  • One should buy jeans that are at least one inch longer than the usual size. This is because denim is often thicker and stiffer than other pant fabrics, and it has less drape, which can affect length. In case of tall women more length is needed to make up for this denim characteristics.

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  1. I have been wondering what kinds of blouses would look good on me since I am a tall women. I saw some great tall womens shirts here.

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