Indian doc discovers body secretes protein that destroys cancer

Mumbai-born, US-settled , Dr. Vivek Ragnekar, professor of radiation medicine at the University of Kentucky, has discovered that the Par-4 protein, mass killer of cancer cells is produced within the human body itself and spread through circulation to other organs.

This finding will now be a help to scientists in finding different ways for naturally increase of the protein in the body. May be through natural diets which will resist to the growth of cancer.

The study also found out that Par-4 protein is also capable of killing cancer cells if it is applied from outside. Before this discovery it was been believed that Par-4 protein has to be present inside cancer cells to kill them. With this discovery scientists can now develop approaches to safely inject the Par-4 protein to inhibit cancer.

According to Dr Rangnekar, who is associate director of University of Kentucky’s Markey Cancer Center, what these findings mean for the future is that it may not be necessary to use invasive or genetic approaches to inhibit the growth of cancer.

The study was reported in the journal `Cell’ on Friday. Dr Rangnekar added “The novelty is that the Par-4 molecule binds to its receptor GRP78 on the surface of a tumour cell and then triggers a biological process called apoptosis or cell suicide, killing the cancer cells.”

Par-4 gene was discovered by Dr Ragnekar in 1993. In 2007, his team introduced the gene into a mouse embryo, creating the super mouse.

Source – TNN

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  1. Kindly let us know what are sources of Par-4 protein foods as stated in the article by Dr.Vivek R

  2. Hello Dr. Vivek Rangnekar ,

    My brother – in law was daigonised as having cancer of the colon 9 days back. He was operated upon for removal of the tumor blocking the colon 2 days back on an emergency basis. It has also spread to the Liver and other tissues.
    Is it possible to cure him totaly by injecting YOUR Par-4 protein ???
    Where and how can I avail of this wonder treatment and what will it cost ?????
    We are in Bangalore. TeleMobile No. 09886053425 . Landline: 080 25251277 ; 08041152137
    Matter very very urgent.
    Sandeep G Bulgannawar
    27th July 2009 , 11.30 am.

  3. This is to inform Dr. Vivek Rangnekar that my brother Upkar Pundir, 36yrs who was suffering from RCC type IV is no more. We lost him on Jan 6, 10. Unfortunately the docs in Hinduja Hospital, Mumbai could not help him. He was on Sutent since June ’09. Initially we were told that the medication is working on him, which was not the case. In Dec he was called to Mumbai for change of medication, the docs then told my father that the cancer cells has spread his brains (my brother was still in walking, talking and strong condition), when they decided to take him for Gama, their machine broke down, but the bill didn’t decrease. Patients are not mice for experimentation’s. They have a family, and are human beings. I request the doctors, please not to experiment.

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