Can hot dogs cause you cancer?

After tobacco and alcohol it seems hot dogs can cause you cancer. According to the American Institute for Cancer research, daily consumption of processed meat can lead you to the risk of getting colon cancer.

An anti-meat advocacy group, Cancer Project filed a lawsuit in New Jersey. demanding that hot dogs makers should use warning labels in their products like cigarette packets and alcohol. According to them, the hot dog makers are very much aware of the fact and their customers too deserves the same information.

Cancer project cites in the lawsuit about the role of nitrites, preservatives that is used in processed meat like hot dogs. Which can later develop into cancer- forming agents. Now there is an argument on whether processed meats cause cancer or the nitrites or other factors that causes actual damage.

For people in United States it’s one of the most wanted food item. According to the National Hot Dog & Sausage Council, Americans spent $3.4 billion buying 730 million packages of hot dogs and sausages in U.S. supermarkets last year.

The issue has different reactions from people of America. Some says it wont change their love for the food whereas some says its important to know things that one is consuming.

Source – nbc4i/ Opposing Views

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