Top 10 ways to beat the recession blues

How often do you encounter the word ‘Recession’ in the course of your daily conversation these days? Chances are, too many. Recession is taking its toll on everybody around the world and we give you the top 10 ways to beat the recession blues.

1.Meditation: Re-introduce yourself to the soothing effect of Yoga and Meditation. It not only helps calm the mind and extricate it from the web of worldly tensions but also helps in keeping the body fit and healthy. Find out about the closest Yoga and meditation center close to your home immediately. It is a healthy daily habit and there is no better remedy for the mentally gruesome times that you are sailing through.

2. Take time out for yourself: Pick up that book you’ve been wanting to read forever now, re-introduce yourself to your favorite hobby, get yourself acquainted with a new genre of music, enroll yourself in the neighborhood dance class you’ve been too busy to go to. Rediscover the child in you who is willing to learn and cares about more than just money.

3. Plan a holiday: Plan a hike to the mountains nearby or visit the closest beach. There can be few things as soothing as being in the lap of nature and taking a deep breath of fresh air in these times. If budget is a constraint, visit a local holiday spot or camp at a resort on the city outskirts. It will serve the purpose of a change of place and still not make deep hole in your pocket.

4. Indulge: All that money piled up that you have been sitting on for years- Now is the time to spend it. Indulge in a shopping spree. It can be an immense booster.

5. Volunteer for a non-governmental organization: This will keep you busy and the folks at the NGO will be greatly obliged. This will give you the chance to reconnect with the hidden human in you and give something back to the society. Also, You will be surprised at how much you learn from this experience.

6. Reconnect with old friends: Call your best friend from high school or the neighbor in the county you spent your initial years in. Get in touch with old teachers and call them up just to say a ‘hi’. You will make their day and also revel in a feeling of happy nostalgia. Go a step ahead, if you will, and plan a reunion. It would be a great project to keep you busy and will also give you immense satisfaction.

7. Work on body fitness: Always been complaining of not having enough time to hit the gym or go for your morning jogs? Now is the time to take your dog out for his evening walks and make your body your project. You will thank the recession for having given you the time to take care of your body.

8. Bring home a pet: Get yourself a cat, dog, parrot, tortoise, fish, chicks, whatever catches your fancy. They can be a great companion to distract you from self-destructing thoughts.

9. Talk to people and socialize: Keep in mind that loneliness harbors tendencies of depression. Talk to people of similar and diverse inclinations and keep yourself intellectually stimulated. Do not become a loner.

10. Write a diary: Trace your childhood and career progress and make a note of all the important events of your life. You will be surprised at how much you have achieved.


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