Top 10 Ways to fightSadness

You are probably thinking what a strange article, and I agree.Ai?? However, there could be times when you are feeling low and do not know how to reclaim your senses. Some people would say the best way is to drown yourself in your sadness to such an extent where the only way is up. If you have stumbled across this page seeking ways to submerge yourself in melancholy, you can consider yourself lucky. If you are reading this article out of curiosity, enjoy.

Goth: May Goth be your respite! Darkness rules.Ai?? Dress in all black and go see a heavy metal concert.

Sketch: Do you really care about what your art teacher in school will make of your lines?Ai?? Draw something amazing.

Requiem for a Dream: Watch it again, if youai??i??ve already seen it.

Alcohol: Donai??i??t overdo it, but try a new interesting beverage from The Bartenderai??i??s Bible and relax.

Trance: It complements the alcohol.Ai?? Try self-hypnosis or have a friend help you.

Water: A hot shower for 20 minutes or a nice bubbly bath can ease the tension.

Pillow: Shout into it as loudly as you can. Feel free to swear.

Curse: The people who have done wrong to you. The world is full of them. Make a list or write a letter, just be sure to dispose of them properly.

Laugh: At the injustice of this world. Do you remember you as a child? Are you still the same? Do you like the adult you?Ai?? Find ways to improve yourself.

Read: this article. Create a better one.

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