Infants get HIV infection with pre-chewed food by HIV positives

A new way through which HIV virus gets transmitted is been discovered by a team of doctors and researchers from St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee. A report released on Monday by the researchers have evidence of three infants being affected by HIV infection with pre-chewed food by their HIV- infected care providers.

In these three cases, two of the infants had mothers who were infected with HIV, the third one had a HIV infected aunt, who took care of the child.

According to Dr. Aditya H. Gaur, all these three infants were fed with food that had been pre-chewed by the care givers who were infected with HIV. Further investigations revealed that the primary source for HIV was bleeding in the mouth of the infected person.

The researchers and doctors completely ruled out other ways in which babies could have been affected.

Furthermore, Gaur and colleagues say the practice of feeding pre-chewed food to infants — which some caregivers may do during the weaning period — may also explain some of the reported cases of “late” HIV transmission in infants — cases so far attributed to breastfeeding.

It has been advised to not to practice it by anyone infected with HIV, untill the risk of HIV transmission through pre-chewed food is well understood.

Source – Reuters

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