A pint of milk a day keeps heart disease away

According to a recent research, it has been proved that a pint of milk can cut chances of heart disease and stroke. Though the finding is opposite to the common view of drinking too much milk is harmful for health.

Researchers have discovered that drinking more than half a litre of milk a day reduces chances of heart attacks ant strokes. It can also reduce chances of colon cancers and diabetes.

After 324 studies from different parts of the world, the researchers found out that those who consumed a pint of milk a day had reduced chance of getting heart diseases. The study also found a decrease in diabetes by between four and nine percent. Colon cancer rates were also decreased.

These results have been published in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition. It has not mentioned any distinguish between low and high fat milk and suggest that milk consumption outweigh any kind of harmful effects on health.

The findings are of great relevance as it has been found a rapid fall in consumption of milk.

Source – Telegraph.co.uk

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  1. my doctor says that i cannot drink milk. I am a diabetic patient. and is it true that diabetics have high risks of heart disease? Thank you.

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