Will toning shoes be the next big thing?

Sketchers have launched its new product, sketchers shape ups. Unlike other footwear it claims to be the real fitness shoes with real health benefits. It has always been popular and known as comfortable and affordable lifestyle shoes.

With the launch of this new product, sketchers have branched out into the health and fitness market. It has been created by the shape ups trainers in such a way that it has both good looks and benefits of barefoot walking.

The footwear is made of a soft foam insole and dynamic rolling bottom. It is designed and manufactured in such a manner that it gives the user an effect of walking on soft, uneven surfaces. This gives an individual a feeling of walking on sand.

This way of walking proves out to be beneficial as it involves more working of muscles in the legs, back, buttock and core. Clinical trials have also showed rapid results from wearing Shape Ups for 6 weeks from weight lose to improved posture and increased muscle strength.

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  1. I love the Skechers Shape Ups! I’ve been wearing a pair for about 7 weeks now and they are amazing! So comfy and they have definitely made a difference in the toning of my legs. Loads of people compare them to MBT’s but to me there’s no comparison, Skechers have the research which shows that they do help you to lose weight/tone up… MBT’s on the other hand don’t!

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